Start a Subscription service for your customers.


Full Control

Decide how many downloads to allow a month, create your own monthly subscription prices Simple & Automatic


Easy To Use

No coding knowledge required, plug and play


Stripe and Paypal Intregration

Get paid every month automatically from your subscribers directly into your Paypal and/or Stripe account.

Subscription Platforms Provide Guaranteed Revenue

The new wave is selling services.

Want to run a subscription business similar to Netflix? Don’t rely solely on one off sales, put the power of subscriptions to work for you.

You can choose to run this service with a closed paywall or run it side by side the way you normally sell beats. Subscriptions are created directly with your Paypal and/or Stripe account. Payout are instant and you keep 100%


In-Player Subscription Feature

The Most Efficient Subscription Process Ever Built

Customers can easily sign up within the player, this results in 35% more signups compared to sign up buttons elsewhere on your website. Designed by top beat makers and developers providing you a proven process that’s truly industry leading.


Zero Fees

We take no fees or percentages when you get signups, subscription profiles are auto created in your Paypal or Stripe account.


Manage your users from the control panel, access users, view amount paid, download count, dates, suspend, more.


Paypal integration means all you need to do is enter your Paypal email address.


Fully automatic from subscription creation, removing accounts if no payment is made, customer subscriptions with allotted monthly downloads.

Instant Payout

No holding process, you get paid the instant a customer signs up for your subscription plan.


Accepting credit cards has never been easier, easy setup using Stripe.

Looks beautiful on all displays.

Chrome iPad

Subscriptions are the future

Never Settle

Subscription to services have jumped up 38% per year and quickly becoming the norm for all services, music is no exception. Our customers have seen a big jump in overall sales by implementing an option for a monthly fee for a set amount of downloads.