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When the goal is to sell music, our marketplace is a great resource for visitors and companies looking for project material


There is no easier service to make money off your music, just plug in your Paypal and/or Stripe info and get paid directly without waiting weeks to get paid. Absolutely zero hidden fees.


We provide a customizable website with your own dedicated URL with everything including marketing tools like squeeze pages, counters, contact forms, Facebook pixel and much more. *Pro Account


Advanced in features yet easy to navigate and shop by your customers, our music store leads the market. Highest converting music store awarded by Mashable and Electronic Music Magazine & Techcrunch

Mailchimp & Aweber

Grow your list of customers automatically through our automated system with the option to export your list.


Do you have what it takes to top the charts, if you do enjoy the exposure. We offer fair non sponsored charts so you don’t have to worry about people buying their way in to the top.


We help get your music to companies that need material. So far, we have helped over 600 content creators find work with major companies.

SSL Certificate

Add a SSL to your website, your users will recognize that your site is safe, and that leads to greater trust in your brand online.

Stripe and Paypal

Easy connection with Paypal and Stripe allows you to receive payments directly and instantly.

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Sell Beats, Songs, Sounds, Voiceovers, Drumkits, Sound FX, more!

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  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Industryconnect
  • Free Website
  • SMS Sales Notifications
  • Verified Badge
  • Subscription Service
  • Email Marketing
  • Update Previews
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Since 2001 we have been developing groundbreaking software. Whether you are selling beats, songs, albums, sound effects, or other audio media we give you the power to accomplish things you never thought possible. We have earned more than 250 Million for our users and helped thousands find jobs with various entertainment companies.

Digital Distribution Hijacking

Choosing between selling your music yourself or handing it over to Digital Distribution is often a difficult decision and while they claim you keep 100% of sales read the fine print, you keep 100% AFTER you pay 30%-40% in fees and recurring yearly fees for EACH category (Beats, Singles, Albums, Ringtones) at roughly $50 a category.

With Soundgine you actually keep 100% with ZERO fees.

Zero Risk

Our customers love us but if you’re not happy for any reason you can cancel with absolutely no fees.

Increase Your Profit

We have increased profits for your members by 35% by implementing the “Make Offer” feature in the marketplace. You can choose to not implement this feature but the option is there to use.

The Right Connections

The marketplace is a point of sale for companies we are connected to, we have connected over 600 Soundgine members to companies like HBO, NFL, Disney and much more.

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