Industryconnect ®

What is Industryconnect ®

It’s our free service to all of our members to match your music to companies they need music for their projects. The best part is that we take no percentage or fees for being connected, it’s your contact, it’s your business and we’ll never interfere.

This program is for both Basic and Pro subscriptions.

How We Get Paid

Surely there’s something in it for us right? We get paid a 5% “connect fee” of the full project price if we find them music they can use for their project, this 5% comes separately from them and not from you. This is actually a good thing as this motivates us further to find connections for you. You keep 100% from the client. To sum up the client ends up paying 105% for the job.

How You Get Paid

Our system requires them to pay you 50% up front and the rest upon completion unless you and the 3rd party come to a different agreement, all you would need to do is select “override default pay arrangement” on the online form. They pay via Paypal or Credit Card.

How Much Will I Be Paid?

This is completely up to you and the company you’re dealing with, we don’t micro manage your deal except getting you paid 50% up front and rest when the job is marked completed. That being said, average jobs are usually never under $500 since most are exclusive buys and custom jobs.

How We Market For You

We send an automated list every 14 days for them to hear based on tags and type of media. We also bookmark media we find exceptional and send those out as a manual submission to parties that might be interested. Quite often we send out lists on demand when companies need it which is randomly during the month.

Industryconnect ® Guarantee

There is no guarantee that your audio files get picked up. We found that when you expand your library to include multiple types of audio your chances increase x2 x3 etc.In addition to music we recommend you create trailer music, scores, vlog, commercial jingles, etc. Patience is key and we will continue to market your music when you are a Soundgine member.

How Can You Do This?

Simple, we are located in the entertainment hub of America, Los Angeles. We are constantly running around the same circles as them so it’s a natural relationship. Some of the big names in the industry actually work in our company so the partnership is seamless. In this industry, it’s definitely about who you know.

How Can I Join?

Log into your control panel and opt-in under the Industryconnect section. Industryconnect is turned off by default under we have your authorization to market your catalog of music.