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Quality over Quantity

Our marketplace contains some of the best audio collection anywhere.

Millions Watching

When the goal is to sell music, our marketplace is a great resource for visitors and companies looking for project material

Easy Checkout

We don’t force buyers to sign up for an account, this results in immediate purchases. Forced signups often result in “nevermind” results.

Mobile Experience

We make selling on mobile devices a breeze. With 45% of sales done on a phone, we understand the checkout process needs to be simple and easy to understand.

No Fees

That’s right, we don’t charge fees for selling on the marketplace unlike others. You work hard, last thing you want is to be nickel and dimed.

Immediate Payment

Holding your payments for a week is unnecessary, get paid instantly. We don’t get involved in payments, the customers payment goes to your Paypal or Stripe directly.


Do you have what it takes to top the charts, if you do enjoy the exposure. We offer fair non sponsored charts so you don’t have to worry about people buying their way in to the top.

Responsive Layout

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size. Resize browser to view.

Zero Commitments

We care about your happiness regardless of circumstance, if for some reason you’re not happy with the service cancel anytime, it’s that simple.

All Audio

Sell more than just beats, sell drum kits, sound FX, music for trailers, movies, voiceovers, and more! If it can be heard, you can sell it.

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Our All inclusive Pricing Plan that covers you well

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Soundgine Marketplace

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Viewed by millions, you have a good opportunity to sell music organically with our traffic and our connections with entertainment companies. All of your music and audio automatically is listed on our marketplace for maximum exposure, you also have an option to opt for any reason. Our marketplace is viewed by industry giants as we send out a weekly list to potential buyers that may be interested to buy your media.

Beautiful Profiles

Each user has a beautiful music store profile to sell music one, this is available on both Basic and Pro Accounts, sell on these pages.

Are You The Next Chart Topper?

Our marketplace has a charts section where you can see who’s hot art a glance. Being on the charts is open for all accounts.

Increase Your Profit

We have increased profits for your members by 35% by implementing the “Make Offer” feature in the marketplace. You can choose to not implement this feature but the option is there to use.

The Right Connections

The marketplace is a point of sale for companies we are connected to, we have connected over 600 Soundgine members to companies like HBO, NFL, Disney and much more.

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