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We make it simple to sell your music online. A straightforward approach without hidden fees and surprise percentages taken from you. Upload music, sell and get paid immediately..

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Upload music

Start by uploading your music catalogue and adding prices

  • Only takes a few minutes
  • Tell the world about your music
  • Sell and get paid instantly
Upload Music
Fast, Reliable

All kinds. Hip-Hop beats, indie artists selling songs and albums, sounds FX, TV and Movie scores, if it plays out of a speaker, you can sell it. .

You can add licensing to every musical piece, create your own restrictions and have your users agree to it before purchasing, you are in total control

$9.99 is the base plan that allows up to 50 uploads and $19.99 for unlimited. We do run deals quarterly and offer student discounts, just contact us..


Sell your music

Sell multiple ways including adding your music store widget to your own website, our own website builder page and transfer your domain and the music marketplace.

High Visibility

Every month millions of customers purchase music from our platfrom. Be one of thousands making real money selling your musical pieces.

Sell Music Online
  • Millions of visitors a month
  • Top Companies looking for music
  • Millions made my members monthly

Our marketplace or website in general. We have a list of over 1500 media companies that get recommendations to your media for a potential match, we push out these matches via newsletter and telephone. We get a kickback from companies for a match, but you keep 100% profit, all of us win. You can also opt-out for media matching for privacy.

This depends on how you market and what our client list needs which always changes. To answer your question, we’ve seen an average of $300 -$130,000 weekly. Obviously sales are not guaranteed but between our connection to the entertainment industry and reputation, you have that extra advantage with us..

Yes, we push relevant music, soundtracks, trailer music, scores, voiceovers and any media to our channels for review. We also highly encourage you to market yourself via social media and other platforms. If chosen, they will contact you directly. We do not charge a connection fee or a percentage, why rain on your parade?.

Your Music Store

Embed the music store widget to your own website, or use our builder to create your own website and transfer your domain for free. *PRO

Sell Music Online
  • Set your own prices
  • Create discounts
  • Creat a subscription service

What sets us apart is the ability to allow customers to buy your music without forcing them to sign up to our website, we don’t collect data. Companies and customers can quickly pay and immediately access the music download..

Offer your customers whatever you want which included mp3, albums, trackouts, wav, pdf contracts, etc. Send them other media via zip file..

Simply add how you would like to receive payments: Paypal, Stripe or both, upload your music, setup your prices and you can start selling in less than 15 minutes. We also have all the tutorials you need to get started.


Get paid instantly and in full with no restrictions, Keep 100%

The most painless part is getting paid. Payments to you are literally instant.

  • Securely release payment upon completion
  • Automatically send music to customers
  • Easy Paypal and Credit Card connect
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Paypal & Stripe

Sell music by accepting Paypal payment and credit card using Stripe, you can use both gateways or just one, connecting takes minutes.

Music and any other additional files are sent to your customers automatically; this is a fully automated system unless you switch to manual.

Get sale notifications via SMS on your mobile device, this is a free service we provide for PRO members

Soundgine Advantage


Since 2001, we have provided music services to millions and processed over $250 Million

100% love it

Our members love our selling features and constant updates, let’s get your music sold.


We market your music and sound library to industry giants.

Beat Store Widget

Embed your store anywhere! Already have a website? No problem. Sell today with our award-winning music platform.
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General services and are available Monday thru Saturday 8-5pm PST, our technical team is on call 24/7. Check out our FAQs, send us an email

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