Truth is it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to sell your songs, and it shouldn’t take months to get paid. Instead pay a flat monthly fee of $4.99 and get paid the instant you sell your music. Cut the corporate ties and say hello to freedom.


Simple. Affordable. Straightforward.

Sell music on your own website and cut out the middle man taking at least 30% including setup and annual fees. Add a music store to your website or into the free included website we provide, set up your Paypal and/or Credit Card details and start accepting payments now. Payments go to you directly, keep 100% profit, it's that simple.

Sell Songs With Our Marketplace

Sell songs on a marketplace well known to labels and companies. Our customers have been placed on major campaigns such as Apple®, ESPN®, Dreamworks®, NIKE®, EA Sports® and many others. There are zero fees to enter and absolutely no commission is taken out, keep 100% of your sales and get paid instantly.

Zero fuss, songs automatically get entered in the charts and market automatically for millions to listen to. Share your songs directly on social media like Twitter and Facebook.


Access your media when offline with the Plex Media Server


Total Selling Freedom

Never worry about distributers gaining exclusive rights to your materials and gaining unauthorized copyright in Youtube ©. Thousands are getting caught in this bait and switch act, so we created a platform design specifically around you.

The promise of global distribution does sound appealing, but the market has shifted to social marketing direct to your website using Facebook and Instagram ads or growing fans organically.

Free Professional Website

Soundgine specializes in the all in one artist package. Grab your domain name, we’ll take care of the website, hosting, music store and your entrance into the marketplace. All you need to focus on is making songs. This total package for $4.99 a month.

There's so much more!

Check out all the great features that make the Soundgine experience so awesome.

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Ready to Start Selling Songs?

You'll be up and running with Soundgine after just 3 easy steps.

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    Sign Up & Upload

    Sign up and start uploading your songs and albums easily and organized with simple drag and drop.

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    Sell Your Songs

    Selling songs is easy
    Sell your songs and albums from your own store, use your website or the one we offer. Sell your songs on our charts and marketplace, keep 100%

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    Get Paid Instantly

    Keep 100% of sales instantly, no hidden fees or any other nonsense.