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Sell Albums Online Easily

Our mission overall is to offer a music store that has multiple functions. Not only will you be able to sell beats, you can sell songs and albums all within the same platform.

The complete system

An easy system to sell your single songs online without the need to pay for two seperate stores. Everything will be rolled in one but very extremely user friendly both in the back and front end.

Easy Configurable Options.

Choose from a wide array of Options for your best matched Customizations

Upload Album

Upload album and have it instantly show on mobile and desktop devices. Uploading literally takes less than a minute.


Enter Album Details

Enter in your price, album art, attach contracts and anything else you want delivered with your media.


Sell Your Music

Once it sells, the album is delivered automatically via email and on-screen. Get paid immediately

Sell Albums

One music store that does it all.

Sell albums, songs, beats, sound effects, trailer music and so much more.

Sell full albums and single tracks within the album easily. All you need to up is upload it once and it automatically shows it on your desktop music store and mobile device. Easily upload albums details such as artist, price, label, price, album art and of course all the music associated to your album. Upload as many albums as you need. Delivery is automatic so there is no work on your end.

Truth is 90% of music sent through music distribution platforms never gets sold not to mention an average price of $350 to start selling albums. Stop paying $49 to upload each album and renewal fees. In the end it’s these distribution websites drain your wallet and you end up having nothing to show for it. The more effective way to sell music is to set up your own store and market it via the email list tools we provide and social media. This method builds your own brand and you have 100% total control. Our members on average have earned much more using our system than using distribution.

Keep 100% of Sales & No Fees

Selling music shouldn’t cost a fortune.

Enjoy no upload and renewal fees. Never worry about percentages taken out and start up investment. The only fee you pay is your subscription fee which starts at $7.99

We help market your music with our connections in the Los Angeles and New York connections, that being said we highly recommend you share your music on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube, Tik Tok, and more importantly your own website. We have helped thousands of musicians land contracts through our system and yes you still keep 100% if contracted.

Sell Albums
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