Best Place To Sell Beats

The Best Place is Your Place.

Best Place To Sell Beats

Serious About Your Music Business?

Beginners make the mistake of looking for a website to sell beats on. Mainly the reason is because this way they won’t have to create their own website, or perhaps they feel the website will promote the music for them. You may receive some promotion but usually it’s very little and in the end you end up hurting your bottom line, making money online selling beats. Trust us, we have been in the business since 1990 and there is no better way to up your game by creating your own website and selling beats on your own.


Branding & Professionalism

Your own website gives you full control of how you want your business to look and feel. Create a logo and color theme and run with it. It's proven that you get way more repeat customers by having them go to a specific domain name or not a marketplace environment. Customers look at you differently when you have your own website as well. If you have your own website, surely you are serious about your craft and in turn builds a layer of trust.


Did You Know You Get A Free Website?

That's right, when you sign up with Soundgine, you get an amazing website to go with it. A super stylish, SEO friendly, highly configurable website that goes perfect with all the Soundgine players. More Info



Wordpress. The Easy Way To Build Websites

Building your own beat selling website is not hard. Wordpress makes it easy for anyone to jump in and start managing a website because there is zero coding involved. Wordpress can be installed with a few simple clicks in cPanel included with your hosting, that’s it. Wordpress has many plugins that help you rank better on Google. Blog software is built in so you can blog about your business and specific key words you want to rank high on.You can choose from thousands of different designs by Goggling “Free Wordpress Themes” or if you don’t mind paying “Buy Wordpress Themes”. Also, you can target music based Wordpress themes “Music Wordpress Themes”

If you have good knowledge of know somebody that builds websites then you can have a total custom website, Wordpress is just the easiest.


Key To A Website

Hosting + Domain Name

You will need a domain name and some hosting to create your website. As mentioned earlier, you can easily install Wordpress on your website once you purchase hosting that has "Wordpress Ready" on its panel. We recommend



Embed Euphony on your Website

Soundgine To Complete Your Empire

Once you have you website situated just the way you like it, you will need a music store to sell your beats, music on. Embedding the Soundgine player is just a copy and paste code job and can be done in minutes, no coding involved.


So in the end, the best place to sell beats is in your own backyard.

Wordpress on Mobile


Just The Best

Best place to sell beats is a place where you have total control and instant payment.

Embed It!

Embed Euphony on popular websites like Soundclick, Facebook, Myspace, & your own website.

PP / CC Ready

Integration with your Paypal account. The only beat store on the market with both Credit/Debit cards and Paypal together.

Contact Us.

Have Questions? Feel free to email or call us! Please go through our FAQ for basic questions. Contact


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