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Sell Music Online. Sell Singles, Albums, Beats. Any Genre

Soundgine provides you the ability to sell your music online easily using our store player. There is absolutely no complicated coding or hoops to jump though just upload and start selling. The greatest part is that this is your own store and you keep 100% of all the profits. The days of cutting percentages to iTunes or distribution services that take a percentage away are over.

See It In Action


With Soundgine, You can make more money by cutting out the middle man, Soundgine has loads of features, it's super easy to use and looks amazing. Want to give it your own look? Customize it.

Distribution services that place your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play have major flaws. Many people have reported delayed release dates that ruin carefully planned launch dates, hidden percentages taken out, royalties that have been unpaid and simply cancel your account.

Soundgine gives you freedom. Freedom to launch whenever you want and all your profits go directly to you via your Paypal account or directly into your bank account. With the Soundgine system doing the marketing yourself results in not only total control, but bigger returns. We charge a $20 a month fee, that's it. Selling music online doesn't have to be scary, it should be fun and rewarding.


Sell Singles and Albums

Sell single songs and albums! Soundgine can do it all and can be your all-in-one store to sell music online. The process is simple and easy to manage with our dynamic admin panel.


Get Paid Selling Music Online

Get Paid Immediately

Selling music online with Soundgine means you get paid immediately. You can get paid through 2 streams, Paypal and through a merchant account by either 2checkout or We do not hold on to your money or have you pay us to release funds, your sales transfer immediately. Setting up to accept Paypal is a snap, simply enter in your Paypal email address start accepting Paypal sales, it's that simple.

You can also sign up with 2checkout or to accept straight credit/debit cards without going through Paypal. Every program that runs through Soundgine gets you paid instantly.


Sell Music Online Like Crazy


Soundgine. A Powerful Tool To Sell Music Online

Let Soundgine sell your music online. If you want a list of highlighted features, view here.

Accept Currency From Other Countries To Maximize Sales

  • Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • British Pound (GBP)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • U.S. Dollar (USD)
  • Mexican Peso (MXN)


Sell Your Music Directly From Your Website

Selling music directly is the logical but usually the difficult solution for most people but why? There are a few factors but the big reason for people not selling directly is that they do not have a system to sell from. You could have a system built for you but that would cost thousands. A recent talk with Muze Music Magazine revealed

"Musicians and producers really need to do work in terms of finding a foundation to sell and showcase their media. We find so many independent and start up musicians selling their soul to distribution companies. Honestly if you can have your own system on your own website then you're on a great foundation because you have the say-so. The problem is finding a program that allows you full freedom and control which is why we dig platforms like Soundgine, it's like having your own personal iTunes without paying a hefty percentage"

This is exactly in-line with our views.


Protect the Music You Sell Online

Sell Music Online Security

Before selling your music online you must consider the cruital issue of illegal downloads on the net. The truth is that it's happening with many major websites and it blows our mind, we can't mention websites that are not secure but you can definitely find them on the first page on Google for "Sell Music" or "Sell Beats". How are they downloading your music? There are some well-known browser extensions that search for your media and allow for any user to download it like the example below:

Stop Illegal Downloads


Soundgine changes all this. We have a safe player that blocks the download of your music. Not having a secure player where users can essentially download your music for free can ruin your business. Having a secure player is critical in the business of selling music online.




Control The Music You Sell
Sell Music Online with Complete Control

One of the most powerful features of this beat selling machine is the ability to sell using different license methods.

Make the most of your money and apply the right license to each of your tracks. Of course you can write your own agreements where the user must check the "Agree to Terms" box before checkout.

Sell Music Online On Your Own

Selling music online on your own is hassle-free. One of the biggest reasons to sell on your own is to avoid digital music distribution services from taking a high percentage of your sales (9-15% in most cases, Ouch!) and just when you feel you can deal with a 9-15% cut there's the dreaded "Takedown Fee", absurd? Yes. More artists are now placing a store on their website to avoid the politics associated with involving a third party managing your music. With Soundgine, you have your own store which completely takes out the middle man. So who's selling online on their own? Music giants like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have been selling their own music online with a label or distribution companies with major success, this is the 2013 + business model.



Tips Before Selling Music Online

Before selling music online you want to make sure you protect yourself from potential lawsuits and you need to know certain steps to register your music, so here are some helpful tips before you sell online.

1. Did you hire extra producers, backup singers, or other musicians to compose your music? If so you will need them to fill out a "musicians release agreement" If you create all your music then this agreement is not needed.

2. Writers and publishers should know exactly where they stand and this includes how the money is split up. The "songwriter publisher agreement" should be filled out before selling music.

3. It's extremely important to register your work so we recommend you fill out a "Form PA" document and then send it to the U.S Copyright Office.

4. Alright, so you recorded your album, now what? Time to register the album using the "Form SR" form and submit it to the U.S Copyright Office

5. It is very important to register for an "International Standard Recording Code" otherwise known as (ISRC) for your songs. If you do not reside in the United States Click here to find your ISRC. The ISRC is your personal code for each song. It is important that each of your songs has this ISRC code. The ISRC is usually included in CD or other recorded media.

6. If you want to get paid for your music to be played on the radio, commercials, malls, clubs, you will need to join a Performing Rights Organization (PRO). If you are in the United States you can join ASCAP or BMI. You can also try SESAC but this is usually by invite only and reviewed by a publisher staff.

The PDF's attached are templates and we recommend you have an experienced music business attorney review and make any necessary adjustments. These are important tips to sell your music online.

Sell Music Online Safely.

The reality is that thousands of songs are being downloaded from players every day. It truly has become an epidemic and hurting the artist in a big way. The problem is that artists have no idea that their music is being downloaded illegally. How does this happen? People download browser extensions (add-ons) that sniff out where your music is located and prepares them for download with a click of a button. This takes the steam out of selling music online, I mean why pay for it if you can simply download the music, Soundgine puts an end to that.

Soundgine has built-in code that stops browser software from downloading music. Soundgine is one of the VERY few players that have security, but we feel that putting in the development to protect you is a major priority. Sell music online with the assurance that your material is safe.


Sell Music Online Guide

Sell Music Online Guide

Here is a super quick guide on how to sell your music online. This will probably be the best 3 step process you will ever follow. Build your own empire.

Step 1: Go to and get yourself some hosting and a domain name. The Hatchling plan is more than enough starting at around $4 a month you get reliable hosting and excellent support.

Step 2: Install Wordpress on your website. Here is a video tutorial on how to install Wordpress

Step 3: Sign Up with Soundgine to have your music store ready to embed into your Wordpress website.



Marketing. Sign up with Twitter, Facebook and Google + and create a social circle between your own website, and social media. Blog. Blogging will help you in the Google search results.









Sell Music Online

Selling music online is easy with Euphony. Own your music, upload unlimted music, get paid instantly.

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Integration with your Paypal account. The only beat store on the market with both Credit/Debit cards and Paypal together.

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