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Soundgine. The #1 Music System

My Account

Euphony Quickstart Video

We highly recommend you watch this video as it covers some of the most important areas to get you started on the right track.

Important Basics



Log into "My Account" to Update and Upgrade Soundgine

When you log in for the first time you may need to update immediately, click on the red bubble and continue to update the system. Updating the system will

  1. Add new features to the system including the control panel and all players
  2. Fix various bugs to the system



Control 3.0 Panel

Control Soundgine via Admin Panel. It Starts Here. Log In!


Heads-Up Display

The first thing you might notice is the heads up display where you can quickly see all of your stats immediately. The large number signifies stats in a 24 hr period while the smaller numbers underneath are lifetime numbers.


Step: 2 Enter in Your Email used for Paypal

That's it! Now when a customer buys music (beats) they will get an automatic download link sent to their email address.


Advanced Dual Download



If you are interested in having customers immediately download music from a download page and getting the download email, you will have to play with some Paypal settings. (This is 100% optional)

Please read the steps to achieve the page downloads here:


We encourage instant (on-page) downloads along with email delivery. In order to achieve this dual delivery you may have to adjust some Paypal settings as defined below:
1. To let paypal auto redirect to instant download page after a purchase, please make sure you have enabled 'Auto Return' in your Paypal account. You can access 'Auto Return' settings from Profile > My Selling Tools > Website Preferences. If Paypal asks for Return URL, you can put your domain URL (or 'http://soundgine.com/@eplayer/euplayer/pp_return.php') there.

2. In 'Website Preferences' page, there is 'Payment Data Transfer' (PDT) settings right below 'Auto Return'. If PDT is Off in your account, then it's good and you can ignore 'Paypal Identity Token' field below. However if it's On, you can get Identity Token right below 'Payment Data Transfer' radio options and paste it in the field below.


Extra Notes: Paypal Business Email - If you have a Paypal basic account, you may have to do the free upgrade to Paypal Business. This is a free upgrade and ensures that all the e-commerce features that Soundgine uses is enabled.Important:



Accept Credit Card Alongside Paypal (Optional)

In order to accept credit cards you will need to sign up with 2co seperately. Like Paypal, 2co charges fees for each sale, please visit their website here. They do run a credit check on all applicants in order to qualify you.


Note: If you do not have a 2Checkout account, skip this.


Log Into Your 2checkout Account and Enter Your IPN Code

Log into 2checkout.com and go here:

Account > Site Management


To complete 2checkout auto download process, please setup 'Approved URL' and 'Direct Return' in your 2checkout account as follows:

Direct Return: Header Redirect
Approved URL: http://soundgine.com/@yourusername/euplayer/2co_return.php (Don't forget to replace @yourusername with you OWN username)

Done :)



Note: If you do not have a Authorize.net account, skip this.

Tip: Do not copy and paste your codes to avoid "blank spaces". Blank spaces will cause Euphony not to recognize your input.


Paypal - Paypal is widely used by millions but in many cases they force the user to create an account which can be a turn off. For best results combine Paypal with a true stand alone credit card merchant like 2co or Authorize.net

2Checkout - 2Checkout does not solicit the merchant’s customer to sign up for a 2Checkout account and simply lets the customer pay by using a credit or debit card. There are fee's to any merchant account and 2co is no exception please visit 2checkout.com and learn about these fee's as they may have changed. https://www.2checkout.com/

Authorize.net - Authorize.net is what is known in the merchant services industry as a “payment gateway provider.” This means that Authorize.net provides software and applications that route credit card payments from the point of sale to the actual credit card processor. Authorize.net is one of the biggest and most well-known payment gateway providers in the credit card processing industry and supplies several different services. There are fee's to any merchant account and Authorize.net is no exception please visit Authorize.net and learn about these fee's as they may have changed. http://www.authorize.net/



VUE Website

Upload Beats, Singles, Albums

Manage music video tutorial


Choose an Upload Mode


Quick & Easy Tutorial on Uploading Beats


What Format Do I Upload?

320 kbps Industry Standard

Everyone is different but the industry standard is to provide high quality 320 kbps MP3 to customers. 320 CD Quality is noticeably better quality than the standard 128 kbps especially on high quality speaker and headphone systems. 320 have a crisp, natural sound with a wider soundstage.

The benefits of providing high quality 320 files are excellent audio quality without having to host enormous wav files on your own. 320 kbps MP3 files will upload directly to our servers with zero issue. 320 is high quality at a very manageable file size.

If you are a producer that wants to offer WAV, Trackouts, Stems please read below on hosting your own 40MB+ zip files and how you can use our link download system for large zip files.


Optimize File Size For Quick Loading Music

The goal is to load music quickly for mobile users, we recommend you keep the preview tracks under 3MB max. If you can get it under 2MB that would be optimal.



Add Genres


We highly recommend you add your own genres immediately so you can select your genres later. If you try to add a genre after you load your music you won't find any genres to attach it to. Navigate to the left menu pane and select "Beat & Music Tools" > "Genres"





Adding Products and Prices to Your Music

Adding products means adding zip files or MP3's to each license category like "lease, exclusive" etc. To add prices you must first add an attachment to a license. For example, if you wanted to add a "lease attachment" click on the "Add LEASE File" link.

Add Attachment


Adding Products and Prices to Your Music

Adding products means adding zip files or MP3's to each license category like "lease, exclusive" etc. To add prices you must first add an attachment to a license. For example, if you wanted to add a "lease attachment" click on the "Add LEASE File" link. Choose a file and Upload. After the upload is done, Click on "Manage Beats"

Upload Attachment before Pricing


Adding Prices

Now you can add prices. Click on "Set price" Note: do not use "$" when pricing. Example: (7.77 not $7.77)

Set Prices



Format for Demo Tracks

Use .mp3 for the demo track. (Demo Tracks are the songs you hear on the player) Do not upload .wav, .mp4, m4a, etc.


Once your track(s) are uploaded you can edit track names, add a Genre, add ZIP files, MP3's, add BPM, & Album Art.





Uploading Zip Files & MP3's That Are Sent To Customers

Click on the desired link to upload either a ZIP or a MP3 file.



60MB Upload Limit

If your zip files exceed 60MB you will need to have them hosted on a large file service or on another hosting plan where you can directly FTP them. Once you upload your large zip files, copy the file location and paste it on the URL box. When entering a URL, ALWAYS include the http://www.

(Paste your URL where your zip file is located)

Over 40MB

Tip: What most producers that offer WAV, Trackout, Stems do is get cheap hosting just to upload large zip files, then paste the url in the box. Having your own host allows you to use FTP which has no upload limit.

Some dependable hosting is justhost.com and hostgator.com (grab an account is your music catalog contains several 200MB+ zip files)



If you have a secondary hosting plan, you can FTP files to that server and copy the link or you can use services that specialize in large file hosting such as:






Upload Album Art

Add Thumbnail

Click on "Add Thumbnail" to add your thumbnail. (Album Art should be 140x125)



Adding Prices to Tracks

Set Price



Track Name, Genre, and BPM Modification

By default, a temporary genre called "Genre" is automatically added. Click on the word "Genre" to edit it.

  • xpress music - Edit this to change the track name
  • (Rock) - Edit this section for Genre
  • BPM- Enter the BPM



Adding Discounts to Beats

Adding Discounts


Adding discounts is a powerful marketing tool. You can apply discounts to any colums or license options.


Discounts Threshold

Threshold - Minimum number of bought tracks before the discount kicks in.

Rate Per Item - The percentage of the discount. In this case if the user buys 3 items, they will receive a 10% discount.



Social Media Connect

Social Connect

Quickly link to you Youtube, Facebook & Twitter accounts on your Euphony player. Add you own links to your profiles at Settings > Social Media Links

Social Connect




Sold & Marking Beats as Sold

When an exclusive beat has been purchased, it will showed as SOLD and the related tracks will be disabled from being purchased. If you want the track removed completely just delete it from the "manage beats" section.

Important Note: In order for the "SOLD" option to function, you MUST leave the column name as "Exclusive"

mark as sold


You have an additional option to "Mark a Beat As Sold". You can manually set it by pressing the dollar sign icon. This is especially useful for sales that take place outside of your website or for marketing strategies.

click to mark as sold


Deliver Beats

Select Delivery is great for those that make a sale over the telephone or email and get paid directly. You can select tracks in your library (admin panel), enter an email and send
your music without the need for the customer to go through the checkout process.

Tip: If you have no plans sending beats manually, ignore this section completely.

Perfect for fast sales and gives you the control to make sales happen instead of waiting for them to go through the player.

Deliver Beats & 2checkout (This only applies to those that have 2co accounts)

Log into your 2checkout Account and navigate here:

1. Select Header Redirect

2. Add your Soundgine 2co return page. Example: (http://soundgine.com/@XXXXX/euplayer/2co_return.php)

2checkout Euphony player Settings




Free Downloads

Free Downloads

Free downloads is an extremely powerful tool. You can offer free downloads while collecting customer email addresses. The admin panel stores all the email addresses and can be exported so you can import this list in your newsletter system like Mailchimp or any other newsletter program.

The free downloads system is completely integrated with Euphony, all you need to do is mark your music as "free" and the rest is done for you. In order to make a track free CLICK on the price AFTER you upload your zip or audio file. Choose the drop down to make it free. Changing the column name to free does not automatically set your music to free.

make track free

Once you "Make it free" it will show up on the player as "Free" The User can then click on the Free track and download. The user will need to add a name, an email address and agree to the terms of the download. You can set your own terms for the free download in the admin panel under settings.


Terms For Downloads

Adding Terms to the Free Download Area

Adding your terms for free downloads is important to protect you from unauthorized usage of your free tracks. To add terms or conditions go to:

Terms For Free Downloads

and enter info in the "Legal text for free downloads" area.




Mulitiple Price Changes

Multiple Price Changes

This option is especially helpful for those with a large collection of music and those that want to experiment with pricing online. You have two options for multiple price changing.

1. Set Bulk Price - Say you have 100 tracks but you just want to change 10 of them. Select the 10 tracks and press on the "Set Bulk Price"

2. Set Global Price - If you want to change the price on all the tracks in one column you can use this feature, it's quick and powerful.




Deleting a MP3 or Zip File

delete file

Click on the small icon next to the file, then confirm your action.



Email List


This section holds all the email addresses you have collected offering free downloads. You can export your list and add it to popular newsletter programs like Mailchimp.



Reorder Tracks (Simple Drag and Drop)



Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a great way to promote and gain new business by enticing customers to buy music. Our coupon system is very flexible which includes 5-20 character codes, discount percentages, expiry date and much more. Coupon codes is very easy to use, simple access this feature by navigating to "Coupon Codes" and clicking on "Add New Coupon"

Add New Coupon

Coupon Code - Enter in the coupon code you want, make sure it's at least 5 characters in length

Discount - Choose your discount percentage from 1% - 99%

Licenses - Select the licenses to which the coupon codes will apply

Expiry Date - Choose if a coupon never expires or select an actual date

Usage Limit - Minimum number of tracks for this coupon. Leave 0 for unlimited

Minimum Tracks - Minimum number of tracks for this coupon. Leave 0 for unlimited

Maximum Tracks - Maximum number of tracks in a purchase where coupon will apply. Leave 0 for unlimited

Note: When you add a coupon code to Euphony, it will override your discounts settings.




Facebook has millions of users and an extremely valuable resource to show off your product so we created a layout that is more like a mini-website especially made for your Facebook fanpage. All you need to do is copy and paste a code and edit the layout in the "Facebook" section of your admin panel. Don't have your own website? You can use this feature alone to sell your music without owning a website and have major exposure.

Creating a Fanpage

If you already have Facebook Fanpage you can skip these steps and scroll down to "Modifying Facebook Layout via Admin Panel"

1. Create a Fanpage / Business Page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php)

2. Add an iFrame Tab. Type in "iframe" on Facebook's search bar and choose "Static Iframe Tab"

3. Add Page Tab to your Fanpage / Business page

4. Tab Settings

You should see the "Tab Settings" Screen if you see an "authorize" screen, go ahead and click the authorize button.


5. Enter in your embed code right below where it says "Enter the HTML for your page". Find your own code by logging into your account and grabbing your Facebook fanpage embed code. The code will look similar to the one below with the only exception that it will have your username instead.

6. Name Your Tab

Name your tab however you want, and just below there you can add an image to your tab as well.


7. Scroll to the bottom and Click on "Save Settings"


8. Go to your Fanpage, you should see an "app" you just created on the left hand side. You're almost done


9. If you want your tab to show up below your header go here and click on "Manage Tabs"


10. Drag and drop the tab you created towards the top. By dragging your tab towards the top, it will make your tab visible for everyone to see.


View our Facebook Demo Player: https://www.facebook.com/soundgine/app_208195102528120





Modifying Facebook Layout via Admin Panel

Everything on this layout can be modified. Navigate to the Facebook tab and modify:


  • Facebook Like: Add your fanpage URL so people can easily like your page
  • Links Configuration: Add your own button names and hyperlinks
  • Bottom Articles: Change Facebook layout text.
  • Images Configuration: Change articles images
  • Header Images: Change Banners
  • Logo: Add your own logo


The Facebook layout section has a preview frame so you can see your changes made in real-time:





Change Player Appearance

Player Appearance







M7 Player


We have two different versions of the HTML5 player available for you to choose from

M7 Player

The M7 Player is the most exciting and powerful beat player on the market. It is packed with tons of options and features so we will cover it here. View the video below to get a quick introduction..



M7 Tutorials




M7 for Mobile

HTML5 for mobile is fully optimzed for all mobile devices and takes up the whole screen. The whole focus on the mobile device is your player.



The Embed Code

The code for this player can be found in your account area. The embed code is called "HTML5 Mobile Version"



Flash Cover for Mobile Devices


With Euphony, the days of seeing black spaces or empty spaces where the flash player is located are gone. From now on a customizable image will overlay the flash player for mobile users with a hyperlink that goes directly to your mobile player. No longer will your customers see empty spaces on your website.


This system is built-in already, no need to do anything. If you would like to create your own image, go to your admin panel and access "Appearance" > "Flash Player Cover Image"





Desktop to Mobile Redirection

Mobile redirection is a great way for mobile users to automatically connect to your player in full screen. Copy and paste this script and place it after the <head> tag. Replace the document location to your own mobile URL. Use this method if you want to transfer people to a new page completely. Note: replace @yourusername with your own username. Keep the @ before your username

Be careful with this code, this code will automatically send the user to the mobile version. Customers will not have a chance to view your website so be strategic using this code. Most producers create a page just for the mobile version so when users access that page it takes them there automatically. Always be mindful that if a customer goes to your homepage, maybe they want to see what you are all about without being quickly redirected. We always suggest you create a button that goes to a page where the auto direct happens. Your choice though :)

if (document.location.search.indexOf("skipmobile") >= 0) {
document.cookie = "skipmobile=1";
else if ((document.location.hostname.match(/\.mobi$/) || screen.width < 699)
&& document.cookie.indexOf("skipmobile") == -1)
document.location = "http://www.euphonybeats.com/@yourusername/mobile/index.html";


This blog post will explain it a tad better. View



Extra Settings


Default Volume Setting

Default Euphony Volume

Ever wanted to add that extra attention grabbing boost as people go to your page? Now you can. We added a much requested default volume. Just click and drag the amount of volume you want from 50%-100%. To access the "Volume Adjustment" go to Settings > Volume Control. This will increase the volume of your tracks being played by default.



Embed Codes

Once you have your player the way you want it, it's time to place your Euphony player on webpages or social media. Go to your "My Account" and access your embed codes. There you will find all your embed codes for your Flash players and HTML5 players for both desktop and mobile.

Access Embed Codes



Rename Column Titles

Column Names

A powerful new feature is the ability to rename your column titles to whatever you want so you are not restricted to "lease, premium, exclusives, and drumkits" In the admin panel access the "Column Titles" section.







Private Policy

Your Privacy is #1


Your privacy is important to us. When you create an account on a Soundgine Service (an "Account"), you will provide information such as your username, password, and email address. We will not share your personal information with any third party.

Email Communications with Us: As part of the Services, you may occasionally receive email and other communications from us, such as administrative communications relating to your Account (e.g., for purposes of Account recovery or password reset). These communications are considered part of the Services and your Account, which you may not be able to opt-out from receiving.

Your Account information is protected by a password for your privacy and security. You need to prevent unauthorized access to your Account and Personal Information by selecting and protecting your password appropriately and limiting access to your computer and browser by signing off after you have finished accessing your Account on the Services.

We seek to protect your information (including your Account information) to ensure that it is kept private; however, we can't guarantee the security of any information. Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors, may compromise the security of user information at any time.



Subscribe to our Youtube channel to get news on tutorials and updates!



Update Euphony



Music Not Playing

There are a couple of possibilities why your music is not playing.

1. You are not uploading a mp3 file for the preview track. Do not upload WAV, MP4, or any other format other than mp3

2. Do not use special characters in the title of the songs like "#" or "@". The song title of the song should be clear and free of special characters. (Example: mysongname.mp3)

3. If you hear that some users can't hear the audio from their mobile phones this is because they are using older phones with the default Android browser. The Android default browser cannot play HTML5 audio so this is the reason.

4. Covert to OGG (Click on OGG next to your uploaded music in the admin panel) this will create a OGG version of your MP3 to play on mobile and desktop browsers that can't handle MP3.

All new Android devices are being shipped with Chrome browsers so less and less people will have an issue listening to audio through HTML5. HTML5 is new and not recognized by older phones. There are no issues on iPhones

Here is some information on mobile compatibility and HTML5:



Why is My Player Missing from My Website Despite Adding The Embed Code?

Certain "website builder" solutions such as Wix cannot handle traditional iframe codes and can cause player errors and even make it invisible on certain browsers. This is a limitation from Wix and other "website builder" type platforms. The code we use is NOT a propriety code, but a simple iframe. Problems with "website builder" type platforms and iframes are well documented online. If you want a trouble free website that can accept a basic iframe code, we suggest moving to a restriction free environment.


Music Not Being Delivered / Customers Are Not Receiving Downloads

Please make sure your Paypal, 2co, or Authorize settings are correct. We use a dual delivery system to make sure your customers have multiple ways of downloading what they have purchased since email is not a 100% guaranteed delivery system so we added an on page download system as well. Proper delivery means less support for you.

Log into your admin panel and read the directions carefully. We also have Blog Post on this topic that can help.



Paypal Error Detected on Checkout Process

Paypal Error

"The seller accepts encrypted website payments only. You cannot pay the seller through un-encrypted buttons. Please contact your seller for more details"

If you happen to see this message, it simply means your Paypal security settings are too high and will have issues with payments. Here is how to fix this:

1. Log in to your PayPal Account.
2. Click "Profile" tab and select "My Selling Tools"
3. select "Website Preferences" press update

4. In the section titled "Encrypted Website Payments" select "Off".
5. Click "Save".



Zip Files Are Not Loading All The Way

There is an upload limit of 60MB. If you want to load a zip file that is great than 60MB use our link download

paste your URL where your zip file is located. If you have a secondary hosting plan, you can ftp files to that server and copy the link or you can use services that specialize in large file hosting such as:








Why Am I Not Seeing the New Features on My Player or Admin Panel?

We are constantly updating the player and admin panel making the great product even better. The updates need to be activated by logging into "My Account" and clicking on the update links. That's it, enjoy all the new updates.



Needs Reactivation Notice


This notice appears when a subscription payment has not been made. To reactivate your account simply login and you will instructions on reactivating your account. If you don't reactive your account in 15 days, your account will be permantely removed from our servers. If you need an account create one here: http://soundgine.com/signup.php



Thank You! We Want to Hear From You.

Once again, thank you so much for subscribing to Soundgine. We never sleep and update the player very often. We want to hear from you and ask for feedback or product improvements that you want to see. It's your feedback and our implementation that makes Soundgine #1.

- Soundgine