Free Downloads

Offer Free Downloads. Collect Emails.

Having customers download free music and collecting emails is an amazing and powerful marketing tool all built into the Euphony player.

Free Downloads Euphony

Whether you are an experienced producer or you are just starting out, offering free downloads to gain email contacts is an invaluable tool that can be a major key to your success!

Setting up free downloads is simple, simply mark your beat or track as free and it will instantly show as a free download on your Euphony player. Customers will click on the free download and will be prompted to enter in a name and an email address. The free track will then be sent to the customer's email address automatically.


Collect Customer Email Addresses

Download Screen

Starting and growing your clients list is the best way is an excellent way to grow your business and build relationships. Every time somebody downloads your music, their name, email address and time they downloaded is recorded in your admin panel. The days of adding additional script on your website to collect email addresses is over, everything is built in the Euphony player.


Export & Import

Export Email List

Export your email list in popular formats like Excel, Word, CSV & XML. You can then import this list in popular newsletter services like Mailchimp and Aweber.

Mailchimp Aweber


new admin panel for Euphony

Free Downloads Features

  • Easily Make a Track Free
  • Collect Email Addresses
  • Collect Customer Names
  • Add Terms & Conditions
  • Export Email List
  • Works with Euphony HTML5



Make It Free

Make any beat, song you want available for free easily. Create as many free tracks as you want, change it from free to setting a price on the track in a snap.





Free Downloads System Built In

The days of adding additional script on your website to collect email addresses is over, everything is built in the Euphony player.



Free Downloads Mobile Download
Free Downloads with Euphony Mobile

Your Euphony mobile is enabled to offer free downloads so now your reach is across the board! Customers simply click, enter in a name and email address.


Export Email Adresses

Export to Popular Newsletter Systems

Export your email addresses from the admin panel to Excel, Word, CSV or XML




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Embed It!

Embed players on popular websites like Soundclick, Facebook, Myspace, & your own website.

PP / CC Ready

Integration with your Paypal account. The only beat store on the market with both Credit/Debit cards and Paypal together.

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