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    Sat Feb 11 10:55:32 2017
    ThisIsTheLegion posted in Twitter Automation.

    @Sound Variety - My partner, Yani, will get you going ASAP. The initial set up is done manually. Usually we'll get you up and running within 24 hours. What's your email address?

  2. Wed Feb 8 23:39:20 2017
    ThisIsTheLegion posted in Twitter Automation.

    Cool. No problem @ROBBMAC

  3. Wed Feb 8 02:56:48 2017
    ThisIsTheLegion posted in Twitter Automation.

    You guys can give my Twitter/Instagram automation tool a try at There's a 2 week free trial, then it's $17/month

    I also made a tutorial on how I set up the front end of my sales funnel (partly by using this service) which currently gets me about 1000 email subscribers a month at

    Let me know if you have any questions!

  4. Fri Jan 27 00:16:40 2017

    Wow @sontwisted that's a great idea! I'm definitely trying that. Thanks!

  5. Thu Oct 27 21:36:22 2016
    ThisIsTheLegion posted in EQ Chart (FREE DOWNLOAD).

    Nice, thanks @MessyBeatz!

  6. Sun Oct 23 21:46:02 2016
    ThisIsTheLegion started the conversation Interested in partnering with me for a Black Friday offer?.

    I'm putting together a Black Friday beat pack offer and I wanted to see who might be interested in partnering up on this.

    As part of the sale/offer, I'm going to be offering a few different beat packages and bonuses, and one of the bonus packages will be beats from a few partner producers.

    I have a an email list of over 10,000 subscribers and social media following of well over 100,000. This would be a great way to get your name and beats in front of those new customers.

    You'll get a unique referral link, and for every customer you send there, you'll get 50% of every dollar spent by your customers. Not just 50% of the bonus package revenue, but you'll get a 50% commission on every offer they buy, which will range from $17 to $408 total per customer.

    I've got a whole sequence of emails and pages that will make the buying process really easy for your customers. All you'll need to do is give them your link. This could be a great income booster for the holidays and would also be a chance to expand your brand.

    If you're interested, please email high quality MP3's of 1-3 beats you would be interested in contributing. These don't have to be exclusive to this, so please send whatever you think are your best available beats. Put "Black Friday Submission" in the subject line and send to

    Please let me know any questions or concerns here on the forums or shoot me an email.

    Looking forward to partnering with you!

  7. Sun Oct 23 21:34:28 2016

    Thanks @minty!

  8. Thu Oct 13 01:55:14 2016
    ThisIsTheLegion posted in What do you use?.

    I'm switching over too and was thinking of going with info@, but sales@ is pretty cool! I feel like it primes the client to be ready to spend some $ lol

    By the way, I set mine up with google business apps. It hasn't been 100% seamless, but at least I'm already used to gmail so it's not too much of a switch.

  9. Thu Oct 13 01:52:28 2016

    I had a little more unusual situation where I had a somewhat established brand as a producer (at least locally) so it gave me a little boost from the start. But, I think there are some things that can really help boost the process of getting to actually selling beats.

    I definitely agree with @minty that having a great product (beats) and being able to spend some money on marketing are pretty much the key ingredients. I would add great customer service in there too.

    Also, using social media is a key part of establishing your brand and starting and growing relationships with customers.

    I would take some time to learn about marketing. I'm a big fan of Russell Brunson and his book "Dotcom Secrets." This is a great place to start.

    And...if anyone wants to check out a free tutorial I made about marketing yourself as a producer, check out I'd love some feedback on the training if you do check it out.

  10. Thu Oct 13 01:41:26 2016
    ThisIsTheLegion posted in Instagram Business Account.

    [quote=9695:@SkillyMusic]Thanks for the update! Might give it a try now.[/quote]

    No problem. I still haven't really taken advantage of any of the features, so if you do switch, let me know how it works for you!

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