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    Sat Mar 21 22:09:28 2020
    Griffin posted in Much Love to 24 Kobe Bryant.

    Can we start 2020 all over again?

  2. Sat Mar 21 22:08:56 2020
    Griffin posted in Working despite Virus Pandemic.

    Stay safe everyone, stay home if you're sick.

  3. Sat Mar 21 22:05:57 2020

    @DEVIZE My sales are steady too but scratching my head as to why? I would think EVERYBODY is losing right now.

  4. 2 years ago
    Tue Apr 16 20:13:03 2019
    Griffin posted in New License Features + More.

    As everybody mentioned here it's really sharp looking and functional. Zero complaints.
    Well done team.

  5. Wed Jan 30 13:22:14 2019
    Griffin posted in New Mobile Updates.

    That's one beautiful mobile player. Looks like you forced me to do dark mode. Welcome back @Jarvis


  6. 3 years ago
    Tue Sep 11 21:28:32 2018

    [quote=16337:@DEVIZE]Quality, Variety, Consistency, Affordability
    Marketing, Email lists, Deals, Prompt delivery, Exclusive Rights contracts, Knowing their needs/wants & talking to an artist often.[/quote]

    THIS is the bottom line, go to work ladies and gentlemen.

  7. Tue Sep 11 21:24:55 2018
    Griffin posted in Share Window (Updated).

    Excellent update, I concur with the email option, I have customers using it already.

  8. Thu Aug 30 23:11:48 2018
    Griffin posted in Beat store on wordpress theme.


    Where are trying to embed the code, Wordpress still?

  9. Thu Aug 23 01:25:08 2018
    Griffin posted in Getting first sales.

    Have Instagram?

    If not, create one and put your website in the description.
    Then take a video of your beat and list the price.

    This is how I started and gained traction.

  10. Mon Aug 6 00:57:35 2018
    Griffin posted in The Truth about Marketing.

    @Jaytay You're reading seems a bit selective, that's not what people are saying. What's being said is to watch out of marketing hype and focus on what pays the most dividends which is your actual product (beat quality)

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