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    Mon Apr 8 18:25:11 2019
    SkillyMusic posted in Include Voice TAG for Free Beats.

    @sktru89' Well no thats not what i meant. Im saying. What n another site i used i could upload the beats with a tag thats set automatically but i could also have ut where artist can download the beat with the tag without uploading the beat twice or exporting 2 versions of it

    oh ok. I got you...I think. You mean you want to have the voice tag burned into your beat by the system (soundgine), so that only this version can be used for free downloads? If that's what you meant, I don't know if that's possible actually.' @Soundgine' ?

  2. Sun Apr 7 11:40:18 2019
    SkillyMusic posted in Include Voice TAG for Free Beats.

    @sktru89' How do i set a voice tag on free downloads??

    You can upload your own voice tag file. Go to your control panel --> Settings --> Voicetag

    However, generally speaking, it's better to burn your voice tag into your music. Meaning you export another version of your beat from your DAW with the voice tag already included and upload this version as the free version.

  3. Thu Apr 4 19:02:32 2019
    SkillyMusic posted in New License Pop-Up.

    Really looking forward to this one ' @Soundgine'

  4. Tue Jan 22 11:05:26 2019
    SkillyMusic posted in Redesigned Emails (Under the knife).

    @itbangz' Ok, what about ability to download mp3 and wav's and contract pdf's without zip. (as addition to zip) 80% clients are from iphones and they dont want to struggle with unzipping.
    ' @Soundgine'

    Also when you use your own contract pdf and upload a zip yourself, the soundgine system will zip the file again, so clients have to unzip two zips. '
    @Soundgine' you think you can make this happen?

  5. Thu Jan 17 19:59:29 2019
    SkillyMusic posted in Redesigned Emails (Under the knife).

    @Soundgine'' @SkillyMusic' The tricky part is that VUE is a one page website not a multi.' @Codemaker' and I will need to sit down that think of a way to incorporate this, but yes, we agree that you need these extra pages. VUE is indeed due for some updates.

    I got you. Looking forward to the updates!

  6. Wed Jan 16 14:26:12 2019
    SkillyMusic posted in Redesigned Emails (Under the knife).

    @Soundgine' We will be releasing these new formats within 12 hours. It's important that your clients view your business professionally and these new forms are long overdue.
    This may seem like a small update but infact its a very important part of the puzzle that we are putting together, there's clues in the screenshots .


    Speaking of being viewed professionally, I think what is at least just as important is a dedicated disclaimer site. As far as I know our VUE sites DO NOT comply with GDPR. Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions - we have none of that. A little site including Legal Notice/Legal Disclaimer/Legal Details, however you want to call it, would be the absolute minimum. Especially when you plan to include other shopping features like merchandise and stuff in the future.
    And to be honest a dedicated FAQ page is also long overdue. And optimize the mobile version of VUE. I know these are no fancy updates and won't attract new customers but I feel like they are mandatory, before everything else.

    I am no expert when it comes to this GDPR thing, what is allowed and what is not, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also my post shouldn't take away anything from this recent email design update, which I think is great! Looks way better now! Great job' @Soundgine'

  7. Sat Oct 27 18:40:42 2018

    @sontwisted' cant even get to the site with safari

    same here

  8. Sat Oct 27 18:39:33 2018

    I didn't update but it's the same thing on my site!' @Soundgine' can you fix this?

  9. Sat Oct 6 20:04:24 2018

    gotta agree with' @All Star' , thanks for the update' @OHLY'

  10. 2 years ago
    Fri Sep 28 13:00:51 2018
    SkillyMusic posted in Customers viewing my Contracts.

    I mentioned to soundgine in a private thread that it would be awesome to have a link below each license that when you click on it opens a pop up window to show the information for the respective license.
    Something like this:


    Soundgine responded and said they gonna implement this to VUE soon, since this is not that big of a deal. :)

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