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    Sun Dec 9 02:36:38 2018
    knocksquared posted in How to deal with NO sales and plays.

    Anyone that wants to quit making music because they are not getting any sales must not have ever fallen in love with "MAKING MUSIC !! I have done a ton of shit in this game but the best memories I remember are making beats and riding in my car listening to them over and over again. I still do that. A love for the production process will help you get through those times when things seem at a stand still...just my opinion tho

  2. Mon Oct 8 12:53:56 2018
    knocksquared posted in Update on "Split Payments".

    @WordplayMetzger' Is this still in the works?

    I must chime in here....Since I am the one that started this thread .. I would rather say something so you don't wind up holding your breath for this feature. I started this thread over 20 months ago. If you simply read the responses from Soundgine in this thread you will understand this is not a feature that is coming soon (if ever)
    The last Soundgine post on this was

    "Hey guys, so due to the holidays we are going to be a little late on the promise of the update before Christmas. It's actually done but we handed it over to the bug department (which is short staffed because of the Christmas)

    I'm confident we will roll this update before the new years though.
    Apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience.

    Rather be upfront with you guys vs leaving you in the dark."

    Please note... they are talking about New Years (Last year) LOL

    The "Its actually done" part makes the reply even more annoying.

    They obviously have better things to do (in their eyes) which is just part of business, but ... don't hold your
    breath for the "Split Payments" feature.

  3. 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 25 08:24:47 2018
    knocksquared posted in web site not secure.

    @Soundgine' SSL won't do anything technically for your website expect the "illusion" and "look".

    So let me see if I am hearing/seeing you correctly..... you are basically saying SSL is just for illusion and look?

    So you don't believe that potential buyers avoid sites with that big ass "NOT SECURE" screaming at them from the browser???????? That was one of the beautiful things about VUE... without it VUE stakes a step or two backwards. Beatstars was on that same BS... if you attach your domain to their pro page or whatever its called....then you don't get that SSL ... which made VUE a better choice. I understand you telling dude "technically" he doesn't need it but geeez... its important AF ...anybody with a website that don't have SSL must plan on being a non-profit organization LMAO

  4. Sun Aug 19 17:38:23 2018
    knocksquared posted in download page without zip files.

    Airbit - Storage for stems
    Beatstars - storage for stems
    Soundgine - <_<

  5. Thu Aug 9 18:56:17 2018
    knocksquared posted in Paypal Refund Cases.

    Bro.... comes with the territory unfortunately. Selling digital goods, you will get the "we didn't authorize this purchase" scammers. I do a huge amount of paypal transactions due to the type digital audio I sell, and I have had this happen quite a few times.... good news is its only a very small percentage compared to the positive paypal transactions. I have literally sent paypal screen shots - screen video recordings...copys of the email conversations with the "scammers" and even provided a link AND video screen recording of the scammer using the product on their website...and STILL LOST.

  6. Sat Aug 4 01:40:45 2018

    @Soundgine' Shouldn't be an issue to add that, but we can't add that right away as we have all our efforts on the major release, after that's done we'll add in that feature.

    We might be able to sneak it in next week but it's not for sure.

    Hey the fact that you are even thinking about doing it makes me happy. Thanks

  7. Fri Aug 3 03:04:37 2018

    '@Soundgine' yes no maybe so? Where yall at?

  8. Tue Jul 31 20:21:07 2018
    knocksquared posted in Fixed Caching Issue.

    Honestly...THIS is the most important fix/update you have done in awhile. That Cache BS was a deal breaker... and probably lost a lot of us money (in sales) that we don't even know about. GREAT JOB in listening to your users !! B)

  9. Tue Jul 31 19:13:51 2018
    knocksquared started the conversation Any chance of this changing at checkout?.

    '@Soundgine'' @Codemaker' ...Any chance of giving us the ability to change the checkout message in the attached photo to a more customized message? I know you don't wont people to go crazy with the typing, so maybe a text limit but still let us control what it says.

  10. Wed Jul 25 18:36:27 2018
    knocksquared posted in Hydra Update Bundle v 1.5.

    @fusion'' @knocksquared' I did the same! left it playing :-D

    LOl... exactly the reason I say that online producers inspire me more than anyone else.

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