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  1. 4 months ago
    Thu Jan 21 20:48:17 2021
    badguymuzik posted in Any new updates in the works?.

    i left this place a couple months ago. chronic promising of updates, chronic issues with links, players. Everytime a guy buys a beat i have to manually email them because the delivery system is broken and also ALWAYS goes to spam box which is simply annoying for me & the customers. no collab/splits option. just very disappointing for me personally but i wish everyone here the best!

  2. 8 months ago
    Wed Oct 7 23:20:01 2020
    badguymuzik posted in Business Cards with QR Code.

    Just wanted to share these with you guys. I recently had some business cards made & I included a QR Code. When you scan it with a smartphone it will bring up my soundgine link ( ) so they can check out my beats & even buy them right then & there.

    Edit: I Also have some merch with my logo up for sale. Dont want to drop link here but heres a pic. Working on getting some stuff together (NON BGM Branded) specifically for producers to rock.

  3. 9 months ago
    Fri Sep 18 01:32:35 2020
    badguymuzik posted in We Appreciate You (New Updates).

    the more i look at the site & see the direction youre trying to move, i am very pleased!! looks amazing, next step is making this THE go to market. i will be referring everyone i can to soundgine. keep improving, the more we can innovate, the more we can levitate (punch)

  4. Thu Sep 10 12:22:30 2020
    badguymuzik posted in We Appreciate You (New Updates).

    the site is looking great! definetely looking very modern & competetive! great work guys! just curious, will producer splits option still be added?

  5. Tue Sep 8 15:19:16 2020
    badguymuzik posted in New site?.

    sounds like things are progressing & thats great to hear. I'm glad my feedback is well recevied, definetely not trying to spread any negativity.looking forward to seeing the new updates & hopefully a long relationship here at soundgine. (punch)

  6. Tue Sep 8 13:17:13 2020
    badguymuzik posted in New site?.

    industryconnect: on the choose preferred, it gives u 5 options of which we can choose 3 max..but its only allowing to choose 2. Is this an error or maybe its not finished? and also its, easy to get placed on charts with just a few minutes of clicking which tells me theres not a lot of listeners/buyers coming to those charts & hitting play on ANY of the beats. despite my chosen producer/record label moniker i am not trying to be an a**hole. i just have high hopes for this service. hope my feedback helps produce positive results

  7. Tue Sep 8 12:04:03 2020
    badguymuzik posted in New site?.


  8. Mon Sep 7 13:31:21 2020
    badguymuzik posted in How To Rank HIgher in Charts.

    No, they didnt fix it. Sit there n click play abunch of time youll be #1 in a few hours. And maybe it does bring exposure but the fact ive sat there n clcicked play enough to get in charts tells me theres not a whole lot of visitors to the charts

  9. Mon Sep 7 11:41:43 2020
    badguymuzik posted in Soundgine Hooking It Up.

    No surprise

  10. Mon Sep 7 11:37:36 2020
    badguymuzik posted in How To Rank HIgher in Charts.

    Ok guys, its this simple..u click play, the plays goes up..more u click the higher u place in the charts..the charts are seriously defunct and obviously not a ton of traffic either. Its practically dead!!!

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