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    Thu Nov 9 06:10:54 2017
    VPower posted in Hydra (Test Drive).

    I leave for a few months and I come back to this thing called Hydra.
    I fucking love my life.

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    Fri Apr 7 23:19:36 2017
    VPower posted in Dream Computer Setups.


  3. Sat Mar 4 22:55:57 2017

    Not that I would support this type of deception, but what actual harm would this do to a buyer? The customer gets the beat and the transaction is done. How is this any different from beatmakers posting pictures of cash and fancy cars as website headers?

  4. Tue Feb 28 07:50:03 2017

    '@PixelSashay' There are some great prices on Craigslist, but make sure you get an ultrawide with 3440x1440, makes fitting more stuff in the work area, but you'll need a capable graphics card.

  5. Tue Feb 28 07:48:00 2017

    I own this one.

    When it arrived at my house, I thought, "Holy Shit...this is gonna be huge". The box made it seem really grand. I removed the box and placed it on my desk and fired up my computer, and then I realized.....

    It's actually not that big and I still have a want for a second monitor. I'm the guy that likes to launch programs on full screen instead of windowed so that hides Skype and other programs in the background. I shouldn't need to get a 2nd monitor getting a 34 ultrawide but I'm going to buy a smaller 24 inch monitor for chat or other programs.

    I like to play games on my downtime and damn this does kick some serious ass.

  6. Sun Feb 12 03:10:43 2017

    I think the whole mobile revolution in regards to music was spearheaded by buying music online with iTunes. Artists looking for beats is a different situation, for example I know several customers that listen to the beat initially on a mobile device but then take a closer listen on a PC.

    Why? because listening to beats on a mobile device is a horrible experience. Most artists and music lovers have a decent speaker system where they can listen to the dynamics to a beat in real surround and high fidelity speakers.

    Why not just listen to beats on a desktop, laptop in the first place. My stats also show most of my visits come from a PC too.

  7. Sun Jan 8 22:35:41 2017

    Fun topic! I remember this diss back when I was in college, I was bumpin this loud with 2 12" inch subs in the trunk. Pissed off a lot of Dre lovers.

    B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta signed by Eazy-E
    Dre, Snoop and Dogg Pound diss.

  8. Thu Dec 22 12:45:33 2016
    VPower posted in $400 and Just Started.

    '@Liz Vega' So key to be positive! It's not just about making money selling music, it's just good overall.

  9. Fri Dec 2 01:28:12 2016

    So much for Tomo Romo, lol

  10. Fri Dec 2 01:25:47 2016
    VPower started the conversation Who's Watching (NFL) Football.

    About to watch Dallas vs Vikings. What's your team?

    Mine is Green Bay.

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