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  1. 6 months ago
    Tue Jul 27 23:50:49 2021
    DreClem started the conversation Domain Transfer.

    Also I applied for a domain transfer a week ago and still no luck…

    Can someone help

  2. 3 years ago
    Thu Feb 15 20:30:40 2018
    DreClem started the conversation Subscription?.

    For some reason I am not seeing the subscription option on my dashboard...says I have the latest update as well

  3. 4 years ago
    Sun Jan 14 02:39:58 2018
    DreClem posted in My Horrid SUCCESS Story.

    Great story bro!

  4. Tue Nov 28 07:58:37 2017

    What program you use?

  5. Tue Nov 28 07:57:16 2017

    Sounds good man

  6. Wed Nov 22 19:49:41 2017
    DreClem posted in What's Everybody's Twitter?.


    Add ya boi

  7. Wed Nov 15 21:39:12 2017
    DreClem posted in Just started.

    [quote=14419:@beatsbyoyo]@DreClem Haha it's not a bad thing man I didn't want to sound it like that, sorry. I just noticed...[/quote]
    lol I know

  8. Wed Nov 15 19:14:56 2017
    DreClem posted in Just started.

    @beatsbyoyo , I didn't even know mjnichols existed until u mentioned him lol, there is only so many colors in the spectrum lol

  9. Wed Nov 15 13:47:38 2017
    DreClem posted in Just started.

    Ok I think that font is better

  10. Wed Nov 15 13:36:14 2017
    DreClem posted in Just started.

    Thx guys!, yea I wasn't too sure about that font tho

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