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  1. 2 years ago
    Thu Dec 14 16:48:49 2017
    beatsbyoyo started the conversation Future x Desiigner Type Beat.

    Hey guys,

    I made a new beat with a friend and I also tried to apply some new mixing and mastering techniques.
    I'd appreciate it if you can give some feedback! Don't mind my weak ass producer tags please they're temporary lol.

    - BeatsbyOYO

  2. Wed Dec 13 13:15:52 2017
    beatsbyoyo posted in *****New Track "Doppelganger"*****.

    Nice! I'm thinking about getting the 80 Ohm DT770 as well for mixing but I'm not sure since I already have good studio monitors. Do you regret buying it as in do you think there is a better alternative for that headphone?

  3. Tue Dec 12 20:13:43 2017
    beatsbyoyo posted in *****New Track "Doppelganger"*****.

    Much better high end balance if I may compare it with your previous beat that I commented on.
    Nice switch on 2:00 but your stereo spectrum is somewhat "dirty" there because the mid frequenties of the distorted synth interfere with the guitar. EQ + M/S recheck will do there.

    Overall it's a very fresh beat, I like it :) .

    /Offtopic: do you mix on headphones?

  4. Fri Dec 1 17:35:27 2017

    Okay, well I had some time so I listened to your beat on multiple devices. I'd lower the volume of the snare+clap a bit. The high freq's of it will kill your ears on earbuds and with vocals on top it might come off a little dirty. Bass is nicely balanced, which I find the most important part of a hiphop beat to make it sound good. You did a very good job imo, nice stereo balance too' @soundrecipemusic'

  5. Wed Nov 29 14:46:24 2017

    Did you use the master assistant?' @soundrecipemusic'

  6. Fri Nov 17 12:02:25 2017
    beatsbyoyo posted in Hydra gets a Volume Makeover.

    '@an0nym0u5beats' Stitches was real crap in the past but just look at the music he's making now. In a video (you can find it on YouTube) he explains he did drugs like 24/7 and it fucked him up. He could kill someone over nothing. I didn't like Stitches how he was but I start to like what he becomes. For example:

  7. Fri Nov 17 11:58:51 2017
    beatsbyoyo posted in Hydra (Test Drive).

    Oh lol never noticed, sorry. Thanks for the heads up!' @Jarvis'

  8. Thu Nov 16 16:50:22 2017
    beatsbyoyo posted in Hydra (Test Drive).

    That makes sense.
    Is it possible to add an image for the mobile version so that we have a YouTube header as standard and for the mobile devices a custom image header?

  9. Thu Nov 16 14:11:10 2017
    beatsbyoyo posted in Hydra (Test Drive).

    On my iPhone 7 using Safari the standard Hydra header image shows up, not my YouTube banner. I've cleared the Safari cache already.

  10. Wed Nov 15 21:30:44 2017
    beatsbyoyo posted in Just started.

    '@DreClem' Haha it's not a bad thing man I didn't want to sound it like that, sorry. I just noticed...

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