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    Fri Jan 5 18:30:02 2018
    Wheatz posted in Changing Default Album Art?.

    You guys are awesome! Thank you for your help

  2. Thu Jan 4 23:39:42 2018
    Wheatz posted in Changing Default Album Art?.

    Greetings Soundgine community! Just wondering if there's anyone who has run into this issue, but I swapped the image I had in my Hydra player a few days ago and for some reason it's reverted back to the previous image. Which is fine, the problem being I cannot switch the image back. After I choose the image and update, I get a Settings Updated Successfully, but without any change in image. Ideas? Any input would be great

  3. Sat Dec 9 18:13:55 2017
    Wheatz posted in What's Everybody's Twitter?.


  4. Fri Aug 25 04:26:36 2017

    FL FTW. It's really about how you cook. Reason, Ableton, Pro Tools, is like the mixing bowl. You still have to figure out what to put in it. There's been a few times I've gotten the "You made this on Fruity Loops?!?!"

  5. Fri Aug 25 04:21:32 2017
    Wheatz posted in Ouch my Back!.

    Kneeling chairs are great for back pain and maintaining good posture. I think you can get one off amazon for about $90, or head over to Staples or most office supply places.' @SkillyMusic' is probably doing the most with the standing desk, I've heard they're gamechangers.

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    Fri Jun 23 19:58:22 2017

    generally speaking, you have to know what your worth as producer. That being said, whatever that is still needs to be feasible to your customer base. Personally, I charge a flat rate per hour I spend working on a track, and thats worked rather well for me. You should also make accommodations for artists who dont have the means to purchase a beat. That being said, I hate when I have people negotiating with me to save money, as opposed to people negotiating with me because they have no more money than they have to offer. If your willing to invest the limited or non-existent funds that you have into yourself because you believe in what your doing, that speaks volumes.

  7. Thu Jun 22 22:14:46 2017

    Was just wondering when the affiliate link will be back up and running? Cheers!

    PS Great platform you guys have put together btw. Definitely still adjusting to the learning curve, but such is expected with something so expansive.Cant wait to see how this continues to develop