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    Sun Jul 21 21:06:45 2019
    Blacksheep started the conversation How to Get Better Selling Beats Fast!.

    I've had varying success but I think the problem is that my beats probably isn't the best, and I want to ask what's the FASTEST way to get better aside from listening other producers that have better beats.

  2. 5 months ago
    Thu Feb 28 14:24:01 2019
    Blacksheep posted in Marking "SOLD" to Push Sales.

    '@fusion' May need to let it sit for a month, a couple of days isn't a good gauge unless you get lucky.

  3. Wed Feb 27 23:03:36 2019
    Blacksheep posted in Marking "SOLD" to Push Sales.


    2nd, 4th, 5th then down to around 8th then 13th

  4. Wed Feb 27 09:18:58 2019
    Blacksheep posted in Youtube Download Gates for Players.


  5. Wed Feb 27 09:18:43 2019
    Blacksheep posted in Marking "SOLD" to Push Sales.

    Did this over the last week and what do you know, sales!


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    Wed Jan 30 13:28:09 2019
    Blacksheep posted in New Mobile Updates.

    '@Jarvis' Yes, lol! You need to get on the new lingo man, lol.

  7. Wed Jan 30 12:59:39 2019
    Blacksheep posted in New Mobile Updates.

    This is drippy (on-fire)


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    Tue Oct 30 04:40:32 2018
    Blacksheep posted in Selling beats on eBay.

    Interesting. I don't see eBay being a viable platform for beats either.

  9. Tue Oct 30 04:38:16 2018

    '@fusion' you are speaking the truth. I was guilty but more so fucking frustrated breaking even and sometimes simply losing money paying for a subscription and not getting any sales. I may have sent Soungine some passive aggressive emails about possible new features to help me sell my beats. Now i look back and think of an ass I was, and they were cool about it.

    The root of my problem was my branding game sucked and I needed to improve the quality of my beats. I learned so much about composing beats on Youtube and I surely did improve, that's when I started to get sales.

    I did the whole switching platforms thing but it's a waste of time, the beat store is a beat store. Yes, I know of a few people that do better on Soundgine but I don't use the extra features yet.

    For me the real results came when I put in my full potential.

  10. 10 months ago
    Sat Oct 13 19:39:46 2018
    Blacksheep posted in Hobby or Living?.

    I'm bringing this thread back from the dead instead of starting a new one since my question is similar to the OP. Do you think selling beats is a realistically a part-time gig? Just seems really hard making this business a full time thing.

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