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    Wed Jan 11 19:00:14 2017

    I agree with what Messy said. A lot of artists will write an entire song or a couple verses before purchasing a license. Only showing a preview would probably put up a roadblock.

  2. Wed Jan 11 18:55:58 2017
    rustyglock posted in Over $14,000 (4 Months).

    @MessyBeatz @Liz Vega @killtraxxx [quote]May i see your blog and your site please? :)[/quote]


    +1 that +1

  3. Sat Jan 7 04:04:55 2017
    rustyglock posted in Rap Battle/Freestyle Beat.

    @MessyBeatz Thanks for the feedback. Yeah -- it has the same chord movement as Panda. As soon as I laid down that pattern, I realized it had the same chord movement where it goes from C minor to a diminished B chord. But the horns... I agree. Just set it off. As for the hi hat, I have lately (for the last couple years) pretty much refused to lay down a bunch of 32nd notes throughout, but it was one of those moments where it was what I heard in my head and decided not to adjust it. I was too turned up and rode the hi hat hard. Hahaha.

    As far as Cook Up, I know! That beat was so fun to make. I got to lean on some of my jazz/blues stylings. That beat just came together so smoothly. I wish every beat came together like that.

  4. Fri Jan 6 04:50:09 2017
    rustyglock started the conversation Rap Battle/Freestyle Beat.

    Does anyone else make beats geared toward battles or freestyling? I like making these type of beats that are very hard-hitting. Check this one out and let me know what you think.

    Spitfire -

  5. Tue Jan 3 22:24:46 2017
    rustyglock posted in Osx El Capitan vs Sierra.

    I use the Trackgod VST, PLAY for my EastWest libraries, AMPLE Guitar, and Inspya Me.

    I don't use a ton, to be honest. The EastWest libraries have SO many sounds. I downloaded somewhere around 200 GB just with that library alone. That, Trackgod VST, and the built in sounds in Logic get the job done for me very often. :)

  6. Tue Jan 3 21:55:33 2017
    rustyglock posted in Osx El Capitan vs Sierra.

    @Liz Vega I use Logic Pro X. I've tested it and it works great. As far as all of the other plugins/VSTs I had before, they work perfectly. I've had no issues at all. I like Sierra.

  7. Tue Jan 3 21:49:40 2017
    rustyglock posted in M7 Search Bar Issue.

    Yeah -- I hope that's what it is. I just noticed that is coincides with the loading of the track, so I figured it might be related to the load speeds that they improved and maybe something went a little haywire with that.

  8. Tue Jan 3 21:48:49 2017
    rustyglock posted in Osx El Capitan vs Sierra.

    @Liz Vega I just bought a new iMac and am really enjoying Sierra. It seems to work really well. But I haven't really had any issues with any of the operating systems. I've gone through everything from Snow Leopard to Sierra.

  9. Tue Jan 3 21:38:16 2017
    rustyglock posted in M7 Search Bar Issue.

    Glad I'm not going

  10. Tue Jan 3 21:34:22 2017
    rustyglock posted in M7 Search Bar Issue.

    @MessyBeatz Yeah -- I tried clearing my cache before responding the first time.

    I haven't made any changes other than applying updates from Soundgine. It's even happening on my phone.

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