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    Sun Feb 19 00:38:15 2017

    awesome thread, helps out alot of us here!

  2. Wed Jan 4 18:09:13 2017
    TropicBeats posted in Osx El Capitan vs Sierra.

    no issues with sierra for me as well!

  3. Fri Dec 23 00:46:55 2016
    TropicBeats posted in mobile player improvements.

    my mobile site is not playing. Does anyone else have this problem?

  4. Wed Dec 21 01:43:41 2016
    TropicBeats posted in Free-Demo Download Tracker?.

    Any update on this?

  5. Mon Dec 19 18:14:09 2016
    TropicBeats posted in Free Reason Rack Extensions.

    Hell yeah, reason is my shit, wish they would go vst though, or make a rack extension to handle vsts.

    Thank you for sharing

  6. Sun Dec 18 03:23:37 2016
    TropicBeats posted in $400 and Just Started.


    He is not bragging, Alot of us here appreciate when producers post their success stories and tips on how they got to where they are. Alot of us tend to "give up" but when these posts are put out there, it gives us hope and encourages us to keep going.

  7. Wed Dec 14 04:29:00 2016
    TropicBeats started the conversation Buy "Codemaker" a coffee thread.

    I know we pay $20 a month for this service but I really think we should all get together and shoot some extra cash over to' @Codemaker' for all of the ridiculously awesome updates recently.

    With the personal interaction and support we all get from soundgine i think it is only fair. (Because we ask them to add so many new features)

    I've just made my donation, hopefully more people can jump in.

    Click the link below to donate!
    Buy codemaker a coffee

  8. Wed Dec 14 04:15:12 2016
    TropicBeats posted in Choose a Custom Font (VUE).

    F#$% yeah! I am diggin the "Orbitron" font.

  9. Sat Dec 10 22:03:35 2016
    TropicBeats posted in VUE Users...Listen Up!.

    the suspense is real

  10. Sat Dec 10 16:14:37 2016

    I have a custom pc, mac mini, macbook pro, and Macbook air.

    Mac mini - Most of my production, internet usage.
    pros- virtually silent, hidden behind a vented blank rack space
    cons- not powerful enough for multiple live instruments and scores (until I go SSD)
    no windows.

    Custom PC- Rarely use these days but I use it if I am heavily layering guitars, vocals.
    Pros- Can handle almost any thing i throw at it
    Cons- Huge ass full tower!!
    cant use Logic

    Macbook Pro- My travel savior! Upgraded Ram and SSD (Stupid fast and handles any and everything)
    pros- I can produce virtually anywhere, 7 hours battery life and many more.
    Cons- I really can't think of any.

    Macbook Air- The wife's.....A backup incase my Macbook Pro takes a shit.

    I use a dedicated external Hard drive so no matter what system I use, everything is plug and play with no file transferring.

    My Macbook Pro has windows installed on it as well so I get the best of both worlds.

    Realistically, everything can be done on a laptop with today's technology but the ideal setup is a dedicated desktop and a laptop.

    Hope this helps

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