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  1. 2 years ago
    Fri Apr 13 18:21:21 2018
    MessyBeat posted in Finally my website is online!!.

    Well done Liz.

    Site looks dope. Very clean and easy to navigate, plus I really like your header image. :)

  2. 3 years ago
    Wed Mar 1 22:53:20 2017

    @Sound Variety' I can dig it. Smooth joint.

    Sorry for the late reply - been really busy and haven't been on the forums in a while (which is a good thing)

    Thank you.. glad you like it.

  3. Tue Jan 24 13:31:38 2017

    Hi' @Liz Vega' - i hope you dont think i was being rude or too harsh. Im just trying to help you. :)

  4. Tue Jan 24 12:05:52 2017

    @Liz Vega' Thanks for the replies guys! I'm just curious to know if any "big" has started with a beat selling site :)

    Yes they (some did)

    MetroBoomin - as someone already mentioned.

    and more.

    It really depends what YOU define as BIG.

    I feel at this stage Liz you're thinking about things that are not that important right now, you've been on the forums for a few months contemplating about setting up a beat site and really holding yourself back.

    I personally think you should just take a chance and create your site, upload some beats, test some marketing strategies and figure it all out from there.

    There is no secret formula apart from hard work and there is no question you can ask that "Google" cant answer.

    Take a chance > set up you site.

    What is the worst that could happen?

  5. Sat Jan 21 15:48:36 2017

    Can you hear Tinashe on this or someone else?

  6. Fri Jan 20 14:51:58 2017

    will defo try this... thanks.

    will also make it easier for me to scrape those emails for other purposes.

    how has it worked out for you though? were the results positive?

  7. Fri Jan 20 14:48:03 2017
    MessyBeat posted in (Marketing) - If YOU had £500....

    Sorry guys ive been quite busy - thank you for all the replies. I am going to start doing some tests and see what results I get.
    @triplehomicide' - was that ad set up for a video? if so what type (was you making a beat, was it a still image with your beat playing in the background or something else?)

    And question for anyone really...

    Would a video of a still image that has my beat in the background work for something like this on FB or not?

  8. Tue Jan 17 23:00:57 2017
    MessyBeat posted in (Marketing) - If YOU had £500....

    @triplehomicide'' @Liz Vega'

    I would say FB is best just for the sake of the amount of traffic you can get.

    I get almost 800 people to my site for $10.

    Where else can you get that volume from for so cheap? :-D

    @sontwisted'' @Liz Vega' twitter is more exspensive than face book and when you run a Facebook ad you get an instagram ad as well and the targeting options on Facebook are so much better

    Thanks guys - i might give this FB ads a try - any tips on how to set it up?

    The 'DOs & DONTs' ?

  9. Tue Jan 17 00:29:09 2017

    @sontwisted' I like it the branding is nice as well

    Thank you.

  10. Tue Jan 17 00:28:25 2017
    MessyBeat posted in (Marketing) - If YOU had £500....

    @triplehomicide' Question is....are you going for direct/immediate beat sales or are you trying to build an email list to market your beats to?

    Good question.

    Would it be ok if you gave your thoughts on both situations?

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