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    Wed Aug 5 13:49:50 2020
    T triplehomicide posted in Would I be selling myself short?.

    Still working on finding a price that sells quicker & faster without being too high or too low. Sitting on hundreds of beats does me no good. Especially when a sound or trend becomes outdated rather quickly.

    For some reason, us producers let our ego determine the price instead of letting the market determine the price.

    In my research, I see top selling that aren't selling that many exclusives even when the option is available. Some of their exclusive prices are $75-200...and yet the beats dont sell that well.

    So I wonder, is it due to price or artists don't care about buying exclusives?

  2. Sun Aug 2 13:24:22 2020
    T triplehomicide posted in Would I be selling myself short?.

    Made the switch & made $900 in 2 days. Fastest money I ever made from beats.

  3. Thu Jul 9 05:27:07 2020
    T triplehomicide posted in Would I be selling myself short?.

    @DEVIZE' Some do great with leases some do great with Exclusives. I myself have been selling beats for 20 years online & sell a shitload of Exclusives. Bout 110 this year so far, you may sell as high as $500 but it aint gon be on the regular like you could at the normal $100 rate. In the end beats are a product just bake, sell n move on imo . I could care less for royalties cuz most artists kickstarting aint gon sell anyway and royalties are crumbs in comparison. Every producer has their own lil way , find yours, get great at it .

    Thanks for the advice. Definitely gonna do it. I see your store is sooooold the hell out.

  4. Tue Jul 7 18:22:07 2020
    T triplehomicide started the conversation Would I be selling myself short?.

    I'm deciding to stop selling leases & doing exclusives only.

    I've made a decent amount selling leases but I feel I can make much more.

    There's no urgency/scarcity with leases...with exclusives....you snooze, you lose (FOMO).

    Plus, having 100+ different songs over the same beat is poor business practice.

    Metro Boomin, Kanye, Dre, Timbaland, Pharrell, etc... wouldn't dare do that.

    I want to price my beats so that they sell consistently without charging too little or too much.

    Because it would make no sense sitting on all these beats when I know there are artists that could be using them.

    I'm aiming for $100-500 price range. I'd only make my top selling beats $300-500.

    All new beats will be priced $100-200.

    I'd still maintain my half of the publishing & I'd still own the copyrights to the beats.

    Would I be shooting myself in the foot doing this?

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    Fri Jun 19 16:11:31 2020

    In 2020, is everyone still having more success with desktop or has it shifted more to mobile?

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    Thu Sep 13 01:21:21 2018
    T triplehomicide posted in web site not secure.

    You gotta get an SSL certificate & install it for your domain to be secured.

  8. Fri Aug 24 16:01:53 2018
    T triplehomicide posted in The Truth about Marketing.

    Why is paying for ads so looked down upon?

  9. Sat May 26 02:27:35 2018
    T triplehomicide posted in Looking for advices...

    Your website looks good so I dont think that should be a problem.

    But, running ads will most likely just leave you with emptier pockets.

    The best way to get sales is organically through word of mouth.

    I've grown a local business to 6-figures with just word of mouth.

    And it was rather easy...and when I started, I didn't know much about marketing.

    Trying to a build a beat selling business online...the same way?

    Its been the hardest thing to crack.

    Because most people don't buy just because they see an ad.

    And because the online market is leaps & bounds bigger than the local market.

    Almost like pissing in the ocean expecting the piss to take it over.

    The key is to find ways to grow organically with word of mouth.

    If you are going to continue advertising though...stick with Instagram.

  10. Fri May 25 19:20:03 2018
    T triplehomicide posted in Earned 77K with Soundgine.


    Do you put full beats or snippets on the CD's?

    Also, is your customer base only local?

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