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    Tue Jul 31 22:18:21 2018

    Average between $450-$500

    $350 when it's an older beat and I'm feeling nice. I crank out beats so these prices don't kill me, people with a smaller library should charge more.

  2. Tue Jul 31 22:01:54 2018
    Elemental posted in Hydra Update Bundle v 1.5.

    Hydra player carrying your beats....


  3. Tue Jul 31 22:01:21 2018
    Elemental posted in 102 Exclusives Sold In 2018.

    Gorgeous website and player, how did you get the wood panel on the player?
    Keep it up!

  4. 2 years ago
    Tue Mar 14 15:30:02 2017
    Elemental posted in Graffiti and Street Art.


  5. Thu Mar 2 20:49:22 2017

    Somebody upload a Youtube video that shows a proper volume setup on export, please B)

  6. 3 years ago
    Fri Dec 16 05:08:47 2016

    I think he has true talent. Think this guy is working with big artists so that has to mean something.

  7. Fri Sep 23 18:15:16 2016
    Elemental posted in Olá.

    Welcome' @Berengere'

  8. Fri Sep 23 18:14:44 2016

    Absolutely, especially with that spectrum graphic analyzer visual porn :)

  9. Fri Sep 23 18:13:19 2016

    I always find websites without a phone number shady as hell. Infact it's the first thing I look for. If you put in a phone number that should really add in the trust. Most people don't have a dedicated business phone but don't let that discourage you.

    For the longest time I used my cell phone and I always answered by saying, "Elemental Beats....."
    I now have a dedicated phone line at home now but a phone number on your website is so key.

  10. Fri Sep 23 18:05:11 2016

    @mixscape' same


    Life is a roulette table. You never know where things are going to land. This is why bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad.

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