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  1. 4 months ago
    Mon May 20 05:04:39 2019
    an0nym0u5beats posted in Its been a while.

    Long time to hear man, I hope all is well my friend!

  2. Fri May 17 05:28:32 2019
    an0nym0u5beats started the conversation Its been a while.

    Whats up Soundgine peeps! Its been a while, hows everybody doing.

  3. Fri May 17 05:25:39 2019
    an0nym0u5beats posted in Any Boombap Beatmakers?.

    Not so much sample based, but boom bap for sure.


  4. last year
    Sat May 26 04:43:18 2018
    an0nym0u5beats posted in Looking for advices...

    Go out and talk to real people in real life and make real connections with real people ;)

  5. Sat May 26 04:29:56 2018
    an0nym0u5beats posted in FNGRNLS Sample Pack.

    '@Griffin '; totally agreed, been trying to get him to jump over here for months ;)

  6. Thu May 10 05:36:45 2018
    an0nym0u5beats started the conversation FNGRNLS Sample Pack.

    Showing support for my buddy, buy the pack if you like heavy and glitchy samples. He's also thrown in some random samples of powertools and hits.

    I'll post my beat that Im making with his pack as soon as Im finished ;)

  7. Tue May 8 02:57:56 2018
    an0nym0u5beats posted in People will drop....

    A wise man once asked a question...when did it become acceptable to pay for water and expect music for free

  8. Sat Apr 21 05:36:24 2018
    an0nym0u5beats posted in The Most Popular DAWs - Survey Results.

    Im curious what the demographic of the survey was. I would think over all garage band would take first place as it comes with most Apple things. There are more "casual" users of garage band than professional users of Ableton imo.

  9. Sun Apr 15 05:56:57 2018
    an0nym0u5beats posted in Finally my website is online!!.

    '@Liz Vega' awesome site, congrats on your long deserved accomplishments ;)

  10. Sun Feb 25 04:31:47 2018
    an0nym0u5beats posted in Free Earbuds from Venture Electronics.


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