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  1. last year
    Tue Feb 26 01:18:56 2019

    '@itbangz' We should be done in about 24 hours, we decided to add in an extra feature that delayed the release date.

    The hard part is over.

  2. Sat Feb 16 06:09:27 2019

    Well Hello Youtube API, let's get down to business shall we?


  3. Thu Feb 7 08:08:00 2019


    Nice bug catch...we killed it.
    please check now.

  4. Thu Jan 31 20:10:07 2019
    Jarvis posted in New Mobile Updates.


    We'll provide a fix for that today. I'm going to PM you since there might be a few questions about it.

  5. Wed Jan 30 13:42:20 2019
    Jarvis posted in New Mobile Updates.

    '@highflown' You were right, there was an issue with the CSS but we got that fixed asap. Right? I appreciate your kind words my man. You should play with the dynamic theme setting, its next level.

    Anyway, thanks for the up!


  6. Wed Jan 30 13:33:21 2019
    Jarvis posted in New Mobile Updates.

    Update #3

    Just made a slight change in the CSS. Wider android phones have reported issues with formatting which has now been resolved. No clearing of the cache needed.

    Customers should see the updated format right away.

  7. Wed Jan 30 13:26:10 2019
    Jarvis posted in New Mobile Updates.

    @Blacksheep' This is drippy (on-fire)


    Wait...Drippy is a good thing yeah?

  8. Wed Jan 30 12:57:38 2019
    Jarvis posted in New Mobile Updates.

    '@godlike' I'm good! Never left but was on contract with Apple developing so I had to finish that before working full time on Soundgine again, but damn it feels good to be back, I'm home.

    Advise, NEVER work for Apple, that company is going downhill fast. Anyway, I seriously need to sleep it's almost 5 a.m. here in the Westcoast. Nice seeing ya.

  9. Wed Jan 30 12:50:04 2019
    Jarvis posted in New Mobile Updates.

    Jarvis from the Dev team here.
    Damn, I missed most of you here (ninja)

    NEW Updates.

    Some body brought over a case of Redbull and our dev team drank almost all of them which brought about lots of development, lol. They are about to crash but not before some new stuff.


    Better Header


    About Dynamic Theme (Album Art)

    This isn't for everyone, but if you're like me I but super OCD about how everything looks and this includes color schemes. If you have the time to go through and custom make your album art this could really make your player pop. Using the wrong color album art may create readability issues in your buy buttons so plan ahead.

    The way the color theme pics out color is usually from the center color.
    For example:


    I made my album art black and white and added a splash of color in the center, the software pics up this color and makes it the theme color, nifty. Again, this is for people that want to get creative.

    To turn on "Dynamic color"
    Log into your control panel
    Player Setup > Hydra > Match Color Theme......then turn the switch to on

    BTW...thanks to everyone who has messaged us at techincal with positive and kind words, we really apprecriate it, not to mention the coffee you guys have bought our tech department. I'm sure we'll polish things here and there as needed.

    ENJOY! (heart)

  10. 2 years ago
    Wed Mar 7 22:18:36 2018

    '@shonzybeatz' That's good to hear! Perfect.

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