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    Tue Apr 16 21:01:59 2019
    Jarvis posted in New License Features + More.

    @fenixprod'' @Soundgine' That's a nice update and I'm waiting to test it out. By the way, maybe it is worth to include near the tracks tempo and style it's key? (Dm, or something like that)
    I leave it to other folks do speak out, because maybe nobody needs that.

    Style? You mean style by artist?

  2. Tue Apr 16 20:56:02 2019
    Jarvis posted in New License Features + More.

    '@highflown' Not really a bug, you had the make offer only for exclusive but you had no price in the exclusive for the first beat. We added new code to hunt for which license its related to for "Make offer"

    Bottom line, it's working now and actually glad you caught this, the added code makes more sense now.
    @itbangz' Thanks for the feedback, this is just stage 1, I'm sure we'll add more functionality.
    @Kate' That was our hope, the positive feedback is awesome. By the way, the lower opacity for the black background is done! You can barely see through it, but adds more design feel to it, thanks you for your suggestion.

  3. Tue Mar 26 06:12:35 2019

    '@itbangz' We'll get to that soon, haven't forgot about it.

  4. Fri Mar 1 09:02:51 2019

    '@yonaskbeatz'' @sontwisted'

    You want an option for a free download in the bigger box where the licenses are?
    for example here?


    Rough example would be appreciated.

  5. Thu Feb 28 22:55:59 2019

    '@itbangz' Good catch

    But we really wanted FULL control of everything! Just kidding.
    We just revised the permissions and we really only need "Manage Your Youtube Account"


    We tested the API with just that and was successful with the subscription process


  6. Thu Feb 28 14:01:35 2019

    Really appreciate it guys, enjoy.
    Take note, this update is only for Hydra as we have dropped feature development for the M7. We will continue to make sure it runs bug-free but all new development will be on Hydra and ..... :)

  7. Thu Feb 28 13:04:10 2019

    '@shonzybeatz' Looks like you are all set.

  8. Thu Feb 28 12:55:58 2019


    The rollout is coming out in bunches, we have quite a few subscribers so check back in a few minutes, you should see it soon if not already.

  9. Thu Feb 28 12:10:41 2019

    '@killtraxxx' Correct, we don't know if Youtube adds the user in the control panel after a certain amount of time via API versus direct but the customer is definitely subscribed.

  10. Wed Feb 27 05:18:59 2019

    '@Jaytay' We'll let everyone know in about 6-7 hours.

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