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    Wed Sep 9 14:34:21 2020

    New website looks absolutely fantastic, congrats guys and thank you.

  2. 3 years ago
    Sun Aug 5 21:03:12 2018
    Katt posted in Feedback Wanted.

    Get on Hydra beat player instead, especially after the newest updates.

  3. Sun Aug 5 21:01:31 2018


    Great branding, great beats, Youtube video header is dope, great color scheme on your player, you hit all the marks.
    I would consider broadening your catalogue to more categories like soundtracks, trailers, video game, etc.

    If you are brand new, one HELL of a start!

  4. Mon Jul 30 22:27:43 2018
    Katt posted in Hydra Update Bundle v 1.5.

    Lovely updates, most beat players give me OCD, this one doesn't. <(^.^)>
    Me likey the blinky too.

  5. Mon Jul 30 22:26:18 2018

    Keep it on, plus let the beats speak for themselves, no the playcount.

  6. Sat Mar 3 04:54:46 2018
    Katt posted in More Beat Plays Lately.

    Have you been posting your beats on Twitter? If so, Soundgine now counts plays from Twitter for your overall plays. As a result, I have moved up the charts with really positive results.

    I recommend you start sharing your beats on Twitter.

  7. 4 years ago
    Sun Jun 4 22:32:58 2017

    Currently $300 +

    But this is subjective, it's whatever you can sleep well at night.

  8. Sun Jun 4 22:31:10 2017
    Katt posted in Music Producer Forum.

    This forum has intelligent conversations. That's a major plus for me.

  9. Sun Apr 30 20:00:56 2017

    Reason is a 64 bit program, would this mean that my 32 bit VST won't work?

  10. Fri Apr 21 10:04:45 2017
    Katt posted in Project "Birdsong".


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