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    Sat Jan 9 02:03:23 2021
    Ibsenproducer posted in BEAT LINKS PROBLEM.

    [quote=17712:@Codemaker]@Ibsenproducer ; Please add this script in <head> tag of your website:

    You also need to add 'id' attribute to the Hydra iframe in your website. It will be:

    Basically, when Hydra loads, it tries to read URL to detect if there is any shared track reference, but in modern browsers the iframe script is not allowed to read the url of parent, therefore it sends a message to parent which in result can check and send back the full url to the iframe, and the script above performs this role.[/quote]
    Oh Nice, I already setup it and is working perfectly.

    Thanks @Codemaker (fire)

  2. Wed Jan 6 02:02:19 2021
    Ibsenproducer posted in BEAT LINKS PROBLEM.

    [quote=17707:@Codemaker]@spacedoutbeats ; I implemented the update on all accounts today, and it will be fine for you now, please test and confirm.[/quote]

    I have the same Issues in my player friend, i share the link and show my last beat uploaded.

    works in my VUE website, before worked on my official website but not now.

    works fine here: http://ibsenproducer.soundgine.com/?tr=beat-7871303

    but it doesn't work here: https://ibsenproducer.com?tr=beat-7871303

    Please you can check it my friend.


  3. Thu Sep 10 00:03:44 2020
    Ibsenproducer posted in We Appreciate You (New Updates).

    Looks so Nice Guys!!!! (fire) (fire) (fire)

  4. 2 years ago
    Mon Nov 18 14:30:15 2019
    Ibsenproducer posted in Linking to Beat Tape In Player.

    [quote=17374:@itbangz]@Ibsenproducer ; thanks, but seems like this trick dont work with custom section (or singles) anymore -_-[/quote]

    For example if you have 2 (SINGLES Sections or 2 albums sections) is more hard find the section.

    the unique fast solution is look a track that dont are in the same sections, and copy the link of this track and the player Load automatically.

  5. Mon Nov 18 03:35:44 2019
    Ibsenproducer posted in Linking to Beat Tape In Player.

    [quote=17372:@sontwisted]What was the solution[/quote]
    [quote=14537:@legendarybeatz]Hey everyone, Glad to be back on the forums. I have a quick question. Is there any way of linking directly to a "beat tape/album" in the player? Just like how you can grab the link for one specific track in the player, can you do the same for a beat tape or collective few.

    Thanks for your help![/quote]

    For go directly for a Section, you need join to the section of the "BEAT TAPE" find the first track or the track that you want, in the case of Legendarybeats is this:


    Delete the "-5437894" and use this LINK:


    Do you need that the player Load automatically.

    for the bro HedzHigh is the same trick, for example, go the tape "Fatal 4 Way", copy the link of the first track or the track that you want in this player:


    and remove the "-4810424"

    you will get this link for the beat tape:


    I hope this Help bros, if you want do with the Singles too, you can do it.

    but remember copy the link of the tracks in the correct section.

  6. Wed Sep 18 17:43:35 2019

    [quote=17313:@IsaacTaylor]What's up fam, I'm wondering if I can point multiple domain names to my Vue site?[/quote]
    Yes you can do, with a Redirection 301.

  7. Wed Sep 18 17:19:14 2019

    [quote=17314:@IsaacTaylor]What's good fam! I am wondering if there is anyone who knows where I can get a professional buy out or transfer of ownership agreement?[/quote]
    You can find, some samples on Google, and reedit the parts that you want.

  8. Sat Jun 1 13:28:47 2019

    Thanks bro @mixscape the VST is Dope (fire)

  9. Thu Apr 25 16:39:52 2019
    Ibsenproducer posted in New License Features + More.

    [quote=17100:@Codemaker]@Ibsenproducer ; The global feature applies updates to existing tracks only. If you upload a new track, then just like other settings (price, genres etc), you will have to choose 'includes' too.[/quote]

    Yes i know friend, but i mean that the licenses would need are associated to what it includes for default, without having to do it from the Global Features.

    but when i add a new beat i need do the same process from the global features because i dont know if exist other method for associated the licenses with what includes.

    i think would be great add the option for associated the licenses with (Includes) in the section (settings->Custom License name).

    Mp3 Lease -> Includes (Mp3)
    Wav Lease -> includes (Mp3-WAV).

  10. Tue Apr 23 01:12:07 2019
    Ibsenproducer posted in New License Features + More.

    [quote=17091:@Soundgine]@Ibsenproducer ; Thanks for pointing this out, I'll have @Codemaker look into it tonight.[/quote]

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