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    Wed Sep 2 08:41:51 2020
    Kate posted in It's M to the B...bang!.


    She's cute, she's all the rage on TikTok..

  2. 6 months ago
    Fri Mar 20 23:49:37 2020

    I appreciate it guys. What happens when business buildings are told to shut down?

  3. last year
    Wed Sep 4 19:43:05 2019

    Fancy. Need to work on mine.
    So' @soundgine' the main purpose for this is landing pages for links from the home page?


  4. Mon Jul 29 05:42:03 2019
    Kate posted in $1000 + Sales in 1 Month.

    @CobraB' Thank you guys. LOVE this platform and the people here. How many people do this full time? Sure it's been asked a million times.

    It has but it's ok :)

    I do it full time now but I also live in Nebraska where the rent and cost of living is very low. I know a few Soundgine members that make 100k+ a year but live in Los Angeles so they also do side gigs like Uber or Lyft.

    But to answer your question, I think it depends on your living situation.

  5. Sun Jul 21 20:21:40 2019

    I'm doing well with EDM

  6. Tue Apr 16 20:07:32 2019

    My current customers have already mentioned how much better this setup is, they want to knows whats in each license and can view my license terms in a snap instead of searching my website for it.

    LOVE IT!

    Suggestion, make the license background show just a little opacity instead of being solid black, but that's not even a big deal.


  7. Thu Feb 28 13:09:08 2019

    Had a friend subscribe to me using this new feature and what do you know :)
    Screenshot she sent me.


    BAMMMM! I love you guys (heart) (heart) (heart) (heart)

  8. Sat Feb 2 08:32:22 2019

    Beautiful (drunk)

  9. Wed Jan 30 21:34:53 2019
    Kate posted in New Mobile Updates.


  10. Sat Jan 19 14:18:18 2019


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