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    Wed Sep 9 15:00:05 2020
    musicbox posted in We Appreciate You (New Updates).

    Def worth the wait, the marketplace looks great!

  2. Tue Sep 8 08:37:24 2020

    So dope. Never seem him on the charts, did he opt-out?

  3. Sat Jun 6 12:15:33 2020
    musicbox posted in Got picked up by EA Sports :).

    Hopefully @Soundgine sheds some light into this soon as I can't find any info on this.

    Congrats Berengere.

  4. Thu May 21 04:25:28 2020
    musicbox started the conversation Anyone else making good sales recently?.

    Not sure what is sparking sales but lately my sales have gone up and so has someone else that has a Soundgine account. I would think that during the pandemic people would be cautious about spending money.

    I'll take it but I still don't understand it, lol.

  5. Thu May 21 04:23:10 2020
    musicbox posted in How to get paid?.

    @tradjr Beatstars stealing from producers? How do you know they were actually stealing?

  6. Fri Mar 20 22:10:13 2020

    @minty I'm not saying that's the reason completely but I can speak from personal experience that since I expanded genres and types of audio my sales have gone up because of this. There's actually a type of beat that is selling like hotcakes right now for me, but it deserves its own thread and I'll post soon.

  7. Fri Mar 20 22:03:26 2020

    @minty out of curiosity what kind of beats does your friend sell? If he has only one type of beat he might want to expand to other things like movie, trailer, Youtube background music.

    My sales have been really good during this crisis but I have friends in the restaurant, hotel business that have been let go, it's really a sad situation.

    Stay strong friends.

  8. Fri Mar 20 21:59:54 2020
    musicbox posted in Loving my new site!.

    Looks good, clean and to the point! Your music is bangin too!

  9. Fri Jan 31 04:37:11 2020
    musicbox posted in Much Love to 24 Kobe Bryant.


  10. 2 years ago
    Mon Apr 15 11:31:54 2019
    musicbox posted in New License Features + More.

    Wow, this is pretty and functional.

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