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  1. 2 years ago
    Thu Jan 4 04:33:40 2018
    PixelSashay posted in Hey guys, new member here.


    (o^_^o) B)

  2. Thu Jan 4 04:27:52 2018

    To all who made this possible, the producer who introduced & paid for development' @Codemaker' & the entire' @Soundgine' team.

    ~If you never felt like you were running a real business before, this additional feature sure will now. . .feeling all extra sophisticated & ish. (o^_^o) Conversations between artist/buyers in general should be a lot more interesting now. Plus the extra perks you could offer with each as well, mix & mastering services, custom beat, merch. . .etc

    "That beat is out of my budget"

    "Oh no worries, use my monthly subscription service & save"

  3. Sun Oct 29 16:05:58 2017
    PixelSashay posted in Hydra (Test Drive).

    @musicbox' The memory in-cart thing is gold!

    ~More like diamond lol (o^_^o)

  4. Sun Oct 29 00:50:41 2017
    PixelSashay posted in Hydra (Test Drive).

    ~Ahh haha (o^_^o)

  5. Sun Oct 29 00:40:13 2017
    PixelSashay posted in Hydra (Test Drive).

    ~I can't hop on my computer right now but when I do. . .


  6. Wed Oct 25 03:49:40 2017
    PixelSashay posted in What's Gucci? My names Yendis..

    ~Welcome to the family' @YendisMusic'


  7. 3 years ago
    Fri Oct 6 01:41:56 2017
    PixelSashay posted in Make your Youtube Headers (Hydra).

    ~Any screenshots where we can see how it looks on the demo' @Soundgine' ?

  8. Thu Sep 14 03:05:18 2017
    PixelSashay posted in More than just beats....

    '@fusion' it's a good idea try it & see how it works for you. . .you might be pleasantly surprised. After all another stream of income is always welcomed right? Don't think just trailers either, if you have the time start messing around with video game, cartoon theme music etc you get the idea (o^_^o)
    @Helix I' offer that service, I've been doing it for a few years just not on a large scale. Thank you for that compliment btw I'm getting there vocally. . .hopefully it shows in these new songs that I have pending to release next year (^_^)/

  9. Sun Aug 20 03:23:17 2017
    PixelSashay posted in Power Conditioner For Your Gear?.

    ~Just saw the price. . .I'm like XD (o^_^o)


  10. Thu Aug 17 01:34:38 2017
    PixelSashay started the conversation Power Conditioner For Your Gear?.

    ~I'm trying to figure out which power conditioner to get. Does anyone here already use any with their gear? If so how do you have yours setup as it relates to the power socket outlets. . .separate outlets or the same? I recently started getting back a lot of noise in my monitors & was wondering if that may be the cause. . .I know it could be other things as well but. . .

    I am looking at these 3 right now:

    Power Conditioners
    Furman PL-PLUS C - 15A w/Voltmeter

    Furman M-8Dx Power Conditioner

    Furman PL-8C - 15A

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