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    Mon Sep 30 02:46:51 2019
    PixelSashay posted in Rebranding yourself.

    ~Re-branding can be a good thing if done correctly but it also depends on what exactly you are trying to "re-brand" if it is a name change, logo, new or more products/services you may be looking to offer, those would determine if it is even necessary.

    I can't say when the time is right because everyone is different & have their own thing going on. However, if you are unsettled with whatever you currently have maybe re-branding is an option or, maybe you just need a website/social media makeover graphics wise instead of total re-branding. Sometimes, some new creative art makes everything feel brand new & sparks life into something that was already fine to begin with. (^_^)/ (o^_^o)

    Reason Studios formerly Propellerheads recently re-branded their company name, domain, logo. . .I personally think it works. The logo has a much more generic but modern look to it & the name just makes sense seeing as most people referred to it as Reason more so than Propellerhead.

  2. 2 years ago
    Tue Oct 23 20:09:31 2018
    PixelSashay posted in Mailchimp and VUE Update.

    ~Sections are also missing on my VUE' @Codemaker'' @Soundgine'

  3. Wed Oct 10 02:25:02 2018
    PixelSashay posted in 2Checkout Impossible to deal with.

    ~I guess you already got the answer, but to anyone else who may be thinking about signing up with 2CO, tread lightly it could very well be like what you said here

    I fallen victim to an enormous waste of time


    When I first signed up with them it was ok, customer service wasn't too bad in terms of replying, they were helpful & what's not but after a few months I don't know if they changed their entire staff/team of workers but they started making some annoying & in my opinion ridiculous changes about how & when your money can be withdrawn, how to setup your website according to their procedures, change this, move that etc etc blah blah blah. . .of course that is there TOS & I/we have the option of not accepting & going elsewhere.

    I no longer have an account with them but a few months ago they sent a bunch of emails accidentally it would seem to some closed accounts for about 2 or 3 days back to back about "finalizing account applications" but then apologized after they realized what had happened.

    Most people use PayPal anyways but the card option is still good to have so I'm not saying it isn't important or to dismiss it completely. (o^_^o)

  4. Wed Sep 19 01:04:47 2018
    PixelSashay posted in expiry date.

    @Codemaker'' @Soundgine'

  5. Tue Aug 21 23:30:29 2018
    PixelSashay posted in Just joined the family!.

    ~Welcome' @olajaycom' (o^_^o)

  6. Mon Mar 5 16:42:44 2018
    PixelSashay posted in Free Website.

    ~No worries, you're welcome.

  7. Mon Mar 5 16:27:00 2018
    PixelSashay posted in Free Website.

    ~Hey' @SmashBeats' welcome to the forum & the Soundgine family (o^_^o)

    When you login to the control panel just scroll down & click on the"VUE" title/tab on the left hand side, from there you can start to customize & fill out your info.

  8. Tue Feb 27 02:21:58 2018
    PixelSashay posted in 30-Second Audio Clip Option.

    @Soundgine'' @PixelSashay'

    Really appreciate it! Kinda feeling like Lucy?


    ~Very much so lol

  9. Tue Feb 27 02:14:17 2018
    PixelSashay posted in 30-Second Audio Clip Option.

    ~Good gosh I can't keep up, I really need to get back on it like yesterday lol in any case great work' @Soundgine'' @Codemaker' like always.

  10. Wed Jan 17 15:09:24 2018
    PixelSashay posted in Youtube is Terminating Partnerships.

    YouTube to the general public specifically small income channels:

    "Thank you for giving me millions of dollars it's only because of your content that I can exploit & disregard you. However, here is a token of our gratitude though. . .if you reach our new eligibility requirements we will let you back in for monetization, oh not to mention we are also giving you a whopping 30 days notice! Isn't that super awesome? But while we're at it though whatever pennies you've made we take because. . .well because we can"

    I mean isn't it hard enough already to wear all the hats, find the time to be creative, make something then create the content, push & market it. . .blah blah blah for some it's months for others it's years to then only get hit with, I'm pulling the plug?

    No surprises here, that's just the way it goes. . . (o^_^o) -_-;

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