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  1. 7 weeks ago
    Tue Feb 4 19:53:54 2020
    shonzybeatz posted in License Preview and TOS.

    @Codemaker'' @shonzybeatz' I just fixed the terms text. It actually showed terms text fine, but after clicking 'View license', it always showed the license text.

    Now I have updated the script so that it show terms text when clicking on terms 'Please read' link. Please check.

    @Codemaker' Just checked, it looks fine now, thanks !

  2. 8 weeks ago
    Sat Feb 1 19:04:53 2020
    shonzybeatz started the conversation License Preview and TOS.

    When customers proceed to checkout, license preview and Terms and Conditions show same text. (this worked properly before)
    @Soundgine' ' @Codemaker' Is it possible to change this so when they click on box to accept Terms and Conditions and click on "Please read" they see the text from TOS (Terms of Service) because there is stated all about Refund Policy, Streams, Video Sync Rights etc.. more details generaly.

    They already have some info when they click on License Preview, but before they check box and click on "Please Read" i would like to Terms and Conditions be shown instead of License Preview.


  3. 11 months ago
    Thu Apr 25 07:35:03 2019
    shonzybeatz posted in FREE DOWNLOAD don't show Ad.

    @Codemaker'' @shonzybeatz' I have fixed the missing ad graphic issue on free download page. Please check.

    Thanks i appreciate it

  4. Fri Apr 19 22:03:45 2019
    shonzybeatz started the conversation FREE DOWNLOAD don't show Ad.

    '@Soundgine' I added picture jpg ( 235 x 130 ) and selected "Show Ad on free download page" and "Coupon Code" but ad don't show Any help ?


  5. last year
    Thu Feb 28 12:50:23 2019

    Great update guys ! I just tried to make it enable but received this (screenshot in attachment)

    When i click on update and check on website there's no changes, it shows old download gate, is this still work in progress or we can actually use it.

    Any help ?

  6. Mon Jan 21 17:54:03 2019
    shonzybeatz posted in (Tutorial) Make Custom Contracts.

    '@Ibsenproducer' Thanks for sharing valuable info fam !

  7. Sat Jan 19 21:51:34 2019
    shonzybeatz posted in Redesigned Emails (Under the knife).

    @Soundgine' We did some testing on your account and we could not replicate the issue on both desktop and mobile, the download button appears on both.

    This is what i see when i click to see your download page (as customer view) - check pictures in attachment below (Download Files is missing)

  8. Sat Jan 19 10:54:24 2019
    shonzybeatz posted in Redesigned Emails (Under the knife).

    Great update' @Soundgine'

    Just made a sale and noticed that "DOWNLOAD FILES" box is missing ?

  9. Wed Jan 9 18:26:20 2019
    shonzybeatz posted in Youtube Download Gates for Players.

    '@Ibsenproducer '; I agree, this is very important updates

  10. Thu Nov 8 19:06:38 2018
    shonzybeatz posted in Make Offer.

    '@Codemaker' Thank you !

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