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  1. 7 weeks ago
    Tue May 21 22:38:51 2019

    You are only limited by your determination.

  2. 5 months ago
    Wed Jan 30 13:50:23 2019
    Des posted in New Mobile Updates.

    '@highflown' Your beat "Art of War" is godlike!
    @soundgine' staff. This mobile redesign is (fire) (fire) (fire) (fire)

  3. Sun Jan 20 20:01:01 2019

    Beautiful, thank you! My clients (heart) it.


  4. 11 months ago
    Sun Aug 5 23:34:51 2018

    '@musicbox' Maybe it's because they are already established? You can't just put beats in your store and make money without doing some marketing, there's just no way.

  5. Sun Aug 5 23:16:38 2018
    Des started the conversation The Truth about Marketing.

    It's 2018 and I just wanted to know what the best marketing procedures are when selling beats. I hear producers going back and forth on what's more effective. Can somebody give me the no bullshit marketing approach to selling beats?

  6. Sun Aug 5 21:04:03 2018
    Des posted in Beats per week.

    1 per week. Quality over Quantity.

  7. Mon Jul 30 22:24:53 2018

    Plus.....everybody has to start sometime.

  8. Mon Jul 30 22:24:33 2018

    I just enable it. it doesn't count plays unless it's enabled so you might regret it later on.

  9. Mon Jul 30 22:23:28 2018

    I have seen some of my producer friends fade away too. Don't feel too bad perhaps it just wasn't their thing?

  10. Mon Jul 30 22:22:03 2018
    Des posted in Fixed Caching Issue.


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