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    Wed Oct 30 19:50:12 2019
    Breeze started the conversation Switch to MacOS Catalina Music Producers Yes or No.

    So apparently Catalina breaks a ton of 32bit plugins, anybody make the switch to Catalina?

  2. 6 months ago
    Tue Aug 20 01:56:31 2019

    Guys, this is excellent and the fact that each beat gets picked up by Google is dope! I have customers searching by my specific beats in Google so this is (fire)

    Do I have to upload a favicon for each beat?

  3. 8 months ago
    Mon May 27 23:05:20 2019
    Breeze posted in Website Speed.

    Loads super fast for me.

  4. Tue May 21 21:24:51 2019
    Breeze posted in Its been a while.

    What's up dude! How's life?

  5. Tue May 21 21:23:54 2019

    Good, sales bump using the subscription model. There's a lot of play and adjusting but if you use both subscription and one-off sales you earn more.

  6. 10 months ago
    Tue Apr 16 11:58:18 2019
    Breeze posted in New License Features + More.

    Holy damn this is dope! Fantastic design!

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    Thu Feb 28 12:41:31 2019


  8. Wed Feb 27 05:55:49 2019


    Dope website, don't mean to threadjack, but I see you limit your beats to around 40 seconds, how is that working out for you in terms of sales?

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    Tue Jan 29 19:37:11 2019
    Breeze posted in New Mobile Updates.


  10. Wed Jan 16 07:13:09 2019

    '@Tyson' Not true, there's a link to the customer download page in the email that email that tell you got a payment. I've clicked it sometimes to see that big green download page, never liked it and this new design is infinitely better.

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