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    Thu Dec 28 15:50:50 2017
    A AlienMusic posted in VUE AdWords Backlinks?.

    Hey' @soundrecipemusic',

    Backlinks are your links on an external page that refers to your page. Are you asking about how to use /contacts, /offers, etc. as site extensions on AdWords?


  2. Sun Dec 3 03:48:42 2017
    A AlienMusic posted in AdWords Conversion Tracking .

    '@maddmannmuzik' Please see attached and let me know if this is the place you were suggesting?


  3. Sat Dec 2 18:24:46 2017
    A AlienMusic posted in AdWords Conversion Tracking .

    '@maddmannmuzik' Hey sorry for the delay in response... but yes this is for Vue.

  4. Fri Dec 1 15:43:56 2017
    A AlienMusic started the conversation AdWords Conversion Tracking .

    Hey Soundgine Fam,

    I am trying to setup my conversion tracking with Google AdWords. It states on Google Adwords Converstion Tracking to: Copy the tag below and paste it in between the <head></head> tags of every page of your website. You only need to install the global site tag once per account, even if you are tracking multiple actions.

    Can someone lead me to how I can add the tag on my page/website and start tracking my conversions?

    Note: I have already gone to Settings and used the tag for the area where it states "Tracking Code (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or any other tracking code)"

    Thanks in advance,

  5. 4 years ago
    Fri Feb 5 15:41:13 2016

    Yeah, it's most likely whatever is popular aka "Pop" music. ' @OxygenBeats' , I would listen to what is hot in the music industry and try to form my own style of it.' @ThisIsTheLegion' , I completely feel what you are saying. The more I work on a specific genre the more efficient it get in it. I think as a producer it is important to be able to do all types of genre in your own style. For me beat styles and genres are about the sounds, we are basically using drum sounds and sounds that are familiar to the consumers ear.

  6. Wed Feb 3 15:35:09 2016
    A AlienMusic posted in Working with Major Artists.

    Wow' @mixscape' that's great! I've learned a lot about not giving up. Thanks for giving us your story!

  7. Tue Feb 2 20:49:35 2016
    A AlienMusic started the conversation Working with Major Artists.

    I know there are some producers here that have worked with major labels and artists. I would love to here how you got the opportunity to get a placement or how you got in the industry.

  8. Thu Jan 28 22:10:18 2016

    '@daroobeats' great idea!

  9. Wed Jan 27 20:36:00 2016
    A AlienMusic posted in Never Give Up.

    '@OxygenBeats' You are so right! I have no choice, I can't turn back now.
    @legendarybeatz' Thanks! I have a lot to learn and watching your videos helped too! I can definitely see me giving knowledge on my journey.

  10. Wed Jan 27 20:26:38 2016
    A AlienMusic posted in Soundgine's Fascination with Aliens.

    Seems pretty normal ^_^

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