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  1. 10 months ago
    Wed Jan 22 02:27:23 2020

    '@sontwisted' Relaunching the site? What do you mean by that exactly

  2. Sun Jan 12 00:58:23 2020
    highflown started the conversation Subscribe to YouTube Free Download Option.

    Hey there,

    I just noticed that the free download option where people can subscribe to my YouTube channel no longer works. Is there something wrong on my end, or is this feature just not working anymore because of Google's security?


  3. 11 months ago
    Wed Dec 11 05:43:39 2019
    highflown started the conversation Customers aren't receiving beats.

    Hey so I'm constantly getting emails from customers saying that they aren't receiving their beats, and I then have to send beats to them manually. I sent an email about this around a week ago and haven't heard a response yet. Was wondering if I could get some assistance with this issue? It just started happening when I started using google drive links

  4. last year
    Tue Apr 16 16:21:29 2019
    highflown posted in New License Features + More.

    Yo this is super clean I like it alot. Everything is super sleek and way more up to do date looking than the other version. Only thing is when I click on the make offer button nothing happens. Must be some kind of bug so just letting you guys know the make offer button doesnt work. Atleast for me it doesnt.

  5. Wed Feb 27 02:44:21 2019

    If you're in a good spot in your business and you have a game plan and a vision of what you need to do every day to successfully grow your business then you don't need this. If you're still lost and have alot of unanswered questions on how to expand and get more sales then this is pretty much a no brainer man tbh.... for 20 bucks a month you get hella info on how to expand your music business. Hell you can even download all the courses and then just cancel the membership if money is that tight

  6. Wed Jan 30 13:58:07 2019
    highflown posted in New Mobile Updates.

    '@Jarvis' I'll make sure to check it out for sure it definitely looks nice!
    @Des' And yo preciate it! lol

  7. Wed Jan 30 13:35:52 2019
    highflown posted in New Mobile Updates.

    '@Jarvis' Think I deleted my post on an accident but I was using an android device. A google pixel 2 to be exact and was using google chrome web browser. It seems to be all good now though just checked. Shit is clean!

  8. Wed Jan 16 08:53:06 2019

    YO this is fire! I like the new design for sure. Didn't even realize how ugly the old one actually was until seeing an updated version

  9. 2 years ago
    Wed Oct 24 15:01:23 2018
    highflown posted in Mailchimp and VUE Update.

    '@Soundgine' I'm having the same problem. A whole section is missing out of my site...

  10. Sun Aug 19 00:24:13 2018
    highflown posted in download page without zip files.

    Yeah I agree. The 48 hour download expiration is pretty annoying. Most ppl buy but they don't download right away for obvious reasons, then I have to send them the files manually which defeats the purpose of an automated beat store.

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