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    Mon Jan 25 07:34:35 2016

    @ Soundgine..here is a PDF that I've put together that explains the 21 Most Common Music Licensing Types for reference. I get that adding these 21 New Licensing Types would be a start but what really drives the widget integration is user interaction. I'm suggesting a blanket licensing type that user's can select which licenses they need and based upon their choices (via click options) the licensing type widget would factor in predetermined multipliers to calculate license type cost. I have a multi-tier breakdown of these multipliers as well as basic cost for each license type that i will also upload so that what I'm trying to say can be better understood by all interested in this feature.

    On another note a great benefit to implementing this feature is that Soundgine could then add Music Composer's, and Publisher's to its growing list of clientele utilizing the Soundgine platforms. Trust if you build it they will come. Not to mention that the Playce Charts would attract Music Supervisors, Advertising Agency's, and any Independent Film Production Company's looking to license music. It's a Win/Win situation guy's.

  2. Fri Jan 22 20:33:14 2016

    If you need me too I can put together a license types list along with pricing values as a reference for you guys?

  3. Fri Jan 22 09:03:24 2016

    I agree guys I've done testing on FB and my views to my site come only when I post a direct link to my site in a post. I post a link to a track in the player and nobody ever clicks through to go hear it like or share. Would be nice to be able to play live from the feed.

  4. Fri Jan 22 08:59:13 2016
    G Gun1 started the conversation Music Licensing Widget Integration.

    I use to talk with Victor all the time about things I thought will kill the game if Soundgine would make it happen. Dont get me wrong I love Soundgine because it is a complete website/ecommerce solution for beat selling. However, some of us have realized that the beat game market is over saturated with content and beat makers giving their beats away for literally a 1$. Hey to each his own right? My point is that for $100 less than the cost of a subscription per year there are places like License Quote who are better equipped for what I'm trying to do. They are not the only one's either, there are all different in various ways,,it's a give and take thing at this point. I chose you guys because the players look nice,and Vue is free! I'm not a griper by no means I'm just not a typical beat seller. I'm more of an online music licensing one stop shop. Soundgine's main benefit is the total solution concept of just being able to focus on making your music while also making money! Great job guys you nailed it and keep improving, but for the guys like me that have realized their full potential in music licensing it lacks the most valuable asset of all a true music licensing widget. Basically,by being limited to the 3-4 license types on the Soundgine cyber shop we leave so much more on the table. Do the due diligence of exploring License Quote's widget features , also here is a youtube video detailing how it would work for the buyer wanting to actually license our music ( skip video ahead to 1:10 and be amazed). At this time I can use their feature but its only if I get you guys to place an additional custom link button for free assigning next to each track in our catalog that will open their widget. Not to mention the cost to them for allowing me to intergrate their API in this way. This feature or something along the lines would be the end all if you guys could pull it off.

  5. Sat Jan 16 08:42:37 2016

    @silkymusic wow man I really dig your content on your site. I learned alot..its reads great and was very informative as well. I can't lie I'm going back to the drawing board because I see you were very well thought out with yours. Those explanations were dope and you covered every aspect of what I'm trying to do with my site as well. I'm inspired bro.

  6. Sat Jan 16 08:29:02 2016

    Is it ok to just provide a link to the beat until your final choices are made? Also, voice tags or no? I think its a great idea btw man. Sounds like a winner! I noticed you said vol.1 that's what's up because the way i see it collectively we all can grow as producers. (1) Possible gain of exposure + prestige because your stating pro industry standards in regards to the submission's. (2) It's just good business man...a win/win situation. like minded individuals coming together to push towards common goals! "Team work makes the Dream work".

  7. Sat Jan 16 08:12:19 2016

    Yo, Mixscape great job on the reggae tracks bro.

  8. Tue Jan 12 10:04:00 2016
    G Gun1 posted in Comments ?.

    I think it would be great if they were able to get them to all work together like that!

  9. Fri Jan 8 22:29:45 2016
    G Gun1 started the conversation Comments ?.

    I have a question? Does the engine player allow comments or can it only be done on the new M6 player?

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    Sat Aug 29 02:07:08 2015
    G Gun1 posted in Voicetag Timer?.

    I second that !!

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