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  1. 4 years ago
    Sat Dec 24 02:26:03 2016

    Thanks @Breeze! I like the design of the Engine player. I kept it there for users that are using desktops. If the users are on mobile devices, it sends them to the M7 player to hear the beats.

  2. Fri Dec 23 05:52:39 2016

    Since the app uses the M7 player I don't know if the sales/ download tracks come from the app or not. I haven't done the marketing push yet but I have the app ad displayed on my website and have send out tweets for it. I'm looking to promote the app heavy as I add more beats to my portfolio.

  3. Thu Dec 22 17:20:36 2016

    Yes, and the app is in the Google play store as well:

  4. Thu Dec 22 10:51:40 2016

    Peace everyone! I usually don't post anything in the forum - usually just read posts. But I wanted to give a big shoutout to @legendarybeatz for putting the Android app together for me. I like that the menu layout is similar to Google apps like Hangouts, Gmail, Drive, etc. The player aspect is similar to the M7 player and its functionality. The process of getting a app put together was straight forward - I provided the info/ details he requested and he got a test app to me in a short amount of time. If I had any questions he was easy to contact and responded in a timely matter. To have an app in this transition to digital commerce, it can be another revenue stream on a global scale. I'm looking forward to building with him and the app because I know he has some goodies in the works for it! ;-) Thanks again @legendarybeatz!!

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    Fri Jul 17 23:16:10 2015
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