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    Sat Jun 6 13:05:16 2020
    Marketron posted in Got picked up by EA Sports :).

    @OHLY This is fantastic, can't wait to learn about it fully!

    @Jaytay Even though it's great that Soundgine is taking a proactive approach to selling your music, you can NEVER just sit back and let them handle the marketing. Consider this service as icing on the cake and I'm guessing there's zero guarantee that you get work or sales from this program.

    I'm not downplaying this program, the fact that it doesn't cost you a dime and Soundgine doesn't take a percentage is effin awesome, absolutely zero greed on their part. Truth is, they could have charged a fee to be on this list or even taken out 20% for each connected job and it STILL would have been worth it, so it's a no brainer, but you CANT depend on this as your only marketing tactic.

  2. 2 years ago
    Sun Jul 21 20:47:06 2019
    Marketron posted in Just When I was about to give up.

    Feels good eh? Keep pushing. Selling beats can be like the stock market, lots of ups and downs.

  3. Tue Jan 29 20:21:33 2019
    Marketron posted in New Mobile Updates.

    [quote=16832:@Soundgine]Anybody else want the shopping cart icon removed? (Upper right hand corner)


    Seems a little redundant to have it there.[/quote]

    I'd say remove it.

  4. 3 years ago
    Tue Apr 24 22:25:34 2018
    Marketron posted in Im tired of this......

    I've started several successful online businesses and it was hell at first. I always tell people that are in the same position to you is 5 minutes towards your goal a day is still better than most lazy producers playing video games instead. Keep your mind in it.

    I do this full time now but for a couple years I had 3 jobs, it was rough. You got this.

  5. Sun Feb 18 23:27:34 2018

    What kind of DAP's do you guys recommend?

  6. Wed Jan 17 15:47:37 2018

    I know people are upset but Youtube is still a great place to showcase your work and have people discover you, just don't see YT as a place to make money.

    Think about it, Youtube is free to use.

  7. Mon Dec 18 05:06:33 2017
    Marketron posted in Recommend headphones for iPod?.

    Shure SE846

    I friend of mine owns them
    These have quad drivers delivering the best sound of any in-ear-headphones.

    Question is: Do you have $1,000 to drop on headphones?

  8. Sat Nov 11 00:12:04 2017
    Marketron posted in Safari Now Blocks Autoplay.

    Why Apple, not every page has annoying auto play videos.
    Horrible move.

  9. Sat Nov 11 00:11:16 2017
    Marketron posted in Post Your Hydra Player .

    @an0nym0u5beats Nice Hydra! Question, as I went to your website, my eyes went to your Twitter feed and was on it for a minute.

    Do you think that's counter productive if a user goes to your website and have the twitter feed compete with Hydra for attention? I would have Hydra take up center stage instead of sharing it.

    My opinion :-D

  10. 4 years ago
    Sat Jun 3 23:05:56 2017

    It's all done in the Blogkit composer. Click on the background color icon and choose whatever color you want.

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