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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Sep 2 08:15:25 2020

    Meeeeeee! Got 2 sales back to back $1400

    Last few month kinda slow but I got lazy marketing.

  2. 3 months ago
    Sat Jun 6 14:16:44 2020

    '@Kid V' Does it show the employer email and contact?

  3. Sat Jun 6 13:11:27 2020


    Hook me up with EA's contact email (grin)

  4. Sat Jun 6 12:56:12 2020

    So we don't have to market our beats anymore, you guys do it?

  5. 6 months ago
    Fri Mar 20 22:12:23 2020

    They have gone down a bit cuz I feel people are buying necessities instead of music hey tho....instead of stressin, there's never a better time to strap down and make beats and prepare for better times.

  6. last year
    Mon Jul 29 05:49:56 2019
    Jaytay posted in Eff This! .

    @ProducerTag' and the credit card company decision trumps Paypals.


  7. Sun Jul 21 04:27:46 2019
    Jaytay posted in Tips & Tricks 2019.

    Keep your website minimal. I used to have youtube vids, too many graphics, busy header, it was too much for customers to take. Since, I have made my website nice and tidy with very little distractions and sales have jumped.

  8. Thu Feb 28 14:19:38 2019

    Thanks' @yonaskbeatz'' @WordplayMetzger'' @sontwisted'

  9. Thu Feb 28 14:18:31 2019

    Wont enabling this steer people away from your main website and focus on your Youtube channel only? Seems couter productive or am I missing something. I feel like I am.

  10. Thu Feb 28 05:20:35 2019

    Alright guys, I removed the link.
    Then where can one get educated?

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