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    Thu Nov 26 09:22:55 2020
    mixscape started the conversation -77% on Syntronik (Ik Multimedia) .

    This is one of the best deals of this end of year

  2. 7 months ago
    Wed Jul 8 08:29:51 2020
    mixscape started the conversation 14 sample packs for the price of 1 !.

    The ultimate urban soundbank ?

    Audeobox gratifies us with a new sample pack gathering 14 sound banks with excellent sound quality.


    There are thousands of sounds distributed in drumkits, construction kits, one shots and midifiles.

    But above all, this huge pack is offered at a great price.

    Dont miss it, its a very limited time offer !

  3. 9 months ago
    Wed May 27 00:32:40 2020
    mixscape started the conversation Crazy Deal !!! (virtual synth + EXP).

    Hello guys,

    I stumbled upon a crazy pack and I wanted to share it with you.

    >>> Virtual Synth Deal

    (especially since I don't know how long it's going to last).

    Inside, you will find :
    - 1 synth with analog sound (easy to handle)
    - 2 expansions (100 additional presets)
    - 1 electro sound bank with hundreds of sounds (offered as a bonus)

    All for less than 10 bucks...

    It's perfect for Trap, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop and EDM styles.

    >>> Virtual Synth Deal

    Again, I don't know how long this offer will stay online, so don't delay.

    Enjoy !


  4. last year
    Sun Oct 27 15:58:16 2019
    mixscape started the conversation [Deal] The Sidechain Master.

    Hello Guys,

    Here is "Duck" a new sidechain tool that has everything that its competitors do not have.

    Indeed, other plugins of the same kind are either too simplistic or too complex.

    "Duck" is powerful and complete while remaining easy to use.

    The good news is that you will be able to buy this very practical tool for a small amount of money.

    Be careful, this is a limited offer.

    Grab it HERE now.


  5. Tue Oct 15 18:42:23 2019
    mixscape started the conversation The composer's HOLY GRAIL .

    Hello guys,

    In my career, I have had the chance to work with great musicians.

    And I can tell you that incorporating the playing of these talented musicians into his own compositions brings a whole new dimension.

    The big producers know this well (Michael Jackson,Timbaland, Stromae, Daft Punk...), since they do the same to sublimate their creative vision.

    And if YOU had access to real musicians:
    - wouldn't you compose faster?
    - wouldn't your productions be more alive?
    - wouldn't your music sound more realistic?
    - wouldn't you explore other musical territories?

    If you have answered YES to all these questions, then keep reading...

    Indeed, for a VERY limited period of time, you can acquire a SAMPLES PACK WITHOUT EQUIVALENT on the market.

    This one contains nearly 12,000 LOOPS OF ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENT (ROYALTY FREE) played by professional musicians.
    (guitars, keyboards, flutes, basses, vocals, drums, percussions, ethnic and orchestra instruments...).

    In other words, whatever your style, these loops will be a great source of inspiration for your next productions.

    PS: the sequences are in 24-bit WAV and labelled with tone / bpm.
    you just need to drag them into your DAW or SAMPLEUR (if you want to modify them).

    Why is this a real opportunity not to be missed?

    Simply because this huge bundle is available in EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE with a -80% discount FOR LESS THAN 72 HOURS.

    This means that in addition to being able to get it before the general public, you will save a huge amount of money because, in less than 48 hours, the price of this pack will explode and rise by several hundred dollars.

    For more info, CLICK HERE NOW <<



  6. Thu Oct 3 14:21:44 2019

    Hello guys,

    Would you like to ave hundreds of original and inspiring samples (for a low price) ? ;)

    For a very limited period, you can get 17 sound banks (trap, pop, rnb, electro) from Audeobox at a discount price.

    This publisher is not very well known and this is clearly an advantage to stand out from other producers using the same sounds/samples.

    The content is very varied (808,drumkits,drumloops, samples,vocals,midifiles...) and the quality is great (it has nothing to envy to big companies like "Vengeance" for example).

    For more infos and listen to audio demos CLICK HERE




  7. Sat Sep 28 09:27:35 2019

    sounds great :)

  8. Fri Sep 20 13:58:51 2019

    wow, really nice. Thank you' @Soundgine' , cant wait to use it :)

  9. Wed Aug 14 08:26:17 2019
    mixscape started the conversation Deal of The Year (Samples).

    Hello guys,

    Here is a great deal you cant miss.

    For a few days only the pack of 20 soundbanks "Billboard Domination" is 96% OFF

    It is the moment or never to fill up in PRO audio samples, midi loops and drums of all styles (trap, hiphop, pop, rnb, electro ...)

    Billboard Domination Bundle


  10. Tue Jul 9 22:19:49 2019
    mixscape started the conversation classic synths at a very low price (limited time).

    Hello guys,

    What a great deal :

    + DOPE BEATMAKER Drum Machine (bonus)

    theses 3 great synths for less than $19 (slow)


    Just go here (you can test them for free):
    ➡️ http://bit.ly/novation-station-bundle

    Enjoy !

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