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  1. 3 years ago
    Sat Jun 3 13:52:25 2017
    PaytBeatz posted in Introducing Blogkit for VUE.

    '@Breeze' Yes I've downloaded it already. I was about to start a blog but ended it immediately upon getting the news about Blogkit. Shout out to' @Soundgine' for their effort and hard werk!

  2. Fri Jun 2 01:44:08 2017
    PaytBeatz posted in Introducing Blogkit for VUE.

    Great job on the Blogkit, your timing is perfect! I'm looking forward to reading some of you guys blog.

  3. Mon May 8 23:20:53 2017
    PaytBeatz posted in Share on social media.

    Hey guys I reported this issue a couple of weeks ago. I still habe it too! Trying to share on Twitter.

  4. Mon Dec 26 03:46:11 2016
    PaytBeatz posted in Happy Holidays from Soundgine.

    "Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

  5. Wed Sep 21 00:14:19 2016
    PaytBeatz posted in New Song.

    Hey guys, I just released a new song and was hoping to get some feed back from you.

  6. Tue Sep 20 23:57:52 2016
    PaytBeatz started the conversation What happen to Playce?.

    What's going on with Playce website? I haven't been able to log on.

  7. Thu Aug 4 00:44:29 2016
    PaytBeatz posted in Broke Rappers.

    Wow! You guys are hilarious... good and fun read. But let's get back to what we do at' @Soundgine' continue to produce quality work and make a great name for ourselves here.

  8. 4 years ago
    Wed Apr 27 21:58:29 2016
    PaytBeatz posted in FL Studio Anyone?.

    '@legendarybeatz' I've used FL Studio for over 12 years for making beats. No problems tracking out or anything. I actually record using Pro-tools.

  9. Tue Apr 26 01:56:19 2016
    PaytBeatz posted in Made $1600 So Far....

    Real talk.... this is why we forum.

  10. Tue Apr 26 01:51:32 2016
    PaytBeatz posted in $485 Sale. This is Fun!.

    '@Tyson' Wow! That's awesome... keep up the great work.

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