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    Wed Sep 28 18:16:46 2016

    I just sell the version that they hear. I just make sure to actually do a good job mixing it so that there is room for vocals.

    Maximizing the impact of your beat while leaving room for vocals can be tricky. But if you need help with the mix, you should grab a good acapella and drop it in your beat while you mix it. That way, you will be able to see if there is room for the vocals.

    If you mix the vocals with the beat and compress them, or just limit them together, it will come out the same as if you mixed the vocals in with everything else. However, they can also pay a bit more for the stems so that if they really want to, they can just mix it down exactly how they want it.

    My main point is, there is no real reason to sell them different versions. If you are selling them different versions, I think you are doing something wrong with your mix.

  2. Thu Sep 22 04:50:42 2016
    O OxygenBeats posted in Want to be on our Demo Player?.

    '@Soundgine' with hooks? Or do you mean full songs?

  3. Wed Sep 21 15:10:58 2016
    O OxygenBeats posted in Want to be on our Demo Player?.

    '@Soundgine' feel free to use whichever beats I have up that you want to use!

  4. Wed Sep 21 15:09:04 2016
    O OxygenBeats posted in Want to be on our Demo Player?.

    Yup, count me in!! :)

  5. Mon Sep 12 04:45:57 2016

    Wow, this is so cool!! Awesome work' @Soundgine' we love you <3 <3 <3

  6. Thu Sep 8 14:16:31 2016
    O OxygenBeats posted in Possibly joining Soundgine?.

    I think they're working on those features.' @Soundgine'' @Codemaker' could tell you more!

  7. Mon Sep 5 15:52:11 2016
    O OxygenBeats posted in Orfium - The new soundcloud?.

    Hmm the remix monetization looks cool. At first, I thought they were saying artists could make money off of remixing other people's music, but it's the opposite. Original artists get money off of remixes other people do. That's fair.

    They don't have nearly the same traffic as soundcloud. I have a hunch that the 80% payout is more just promotional while they grow their traffic. As they get as big as soundcloud, they'll probably be cutting that down I would imagine. Because I'm pretty sure it costs a lot of money to keep those servers going at soundcloud.

  8. Thu Sep 1 22:10:33 2016
    O OxygenBeats posted in Who Makes Beats Buzzed or High?.

    '@wellmein' Yeah, I also produce sober. I'm sober basically all day errr day.

    However, I could be see it being the better option for someone who has become dependant on drugs and can't really function off of them. It might be hard to produce if you have this itch in the back of your head or you have withdrawal symptoms hitting you constantly.

    But if drugs can help, I think they would probably help in a more abstract sense. It could be possible they open your mind a little, make you more confident, and bring in new ideas you'd normally condemn. But as far as when you actually produce, you would be much less efficient and much more lazy high than sober.
    And this would only help if you are closed, insecure, non-creative naturally.

    I do think people THINK they produce better when they're high, only because when you're high, everything sounds better. But if you actually pay attention after, I think there's no benefit.

    ...Though, I think' @8-Bit Crab' has a point too. It might make it more fun, motivating you to actually get through a session.

  9. Thu Sep 1 22:02:31 2016
    O OxygenBeats posted in Orfium - The new soundcloud?.

    Does offer anything unique or different besides the monetization options you mentioned? And what are these other monetization options that soundcloud doesn't have that it does have?

  10. Wed Aug 31 03:37:02 2016

    '@sixx' yes, I think so. I don't think it's inherent to beat making. But rather, I think it has to do more with just running a business and being in charge of your own results. I think it opens your eyes to the way the world works and it makes you more responsible. You can't really get away with doing a shitty job and still get paid the same, if at all, like you can at many minimum wage jobs or even some higher level jobs.

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