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    Tue Sep 8 08:45:26 2020
    OHLY posted in Computer Keyboards.



  2. Tue Sep 8 08:43:09 2020

    Truthfully, a lot of our subscribers have opted out of the charts because they specialize in film and the entertainment industry, basically they just use the player to hold demo tracks and focus on private sales.

    Personally I had no idea D.C. Douglas was with us (star)
    We have a surprisingly high amount of voiceover talent on our platform.
    @musicbox' Great...now I need to replay some Resident Evil! (heart)

  3. Sat Sep 5 12:35:24 2020
    OHLY posted in Soundgine Hooking It Up.

    Ok we lied...it's looking like September 7 release.


  4. Wed Sep 2 08:21:30 2020
    OHLY posted in Soundgine Hooking It Up.

    '@cinestar' BAD BAD....you're not supposed to show any of this, you're fired! Haha, jk

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    Sat Jun 6 13:31:01 2020

    '@Darkair' My pleasure as well.

    Being right in the middle of the entertainment industry we often get asked for resources, we're just facilitating easier now.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Sat Jun 6 12:49:40 2020


    It's called Industryconnect and well, as it implies we connect you with companies that need audio. I can't tell you everything as the finer details are being worked out but what I can tell you is

    - You don't have to opt-in, being a subscriber is all you need (Basic and Pro)
    - Doesn't cost you a thing
    - We don't take a percentage
    - You can opt-out

    To be completely transparent, we do take a 10% "finders fee" from the company involved but not from your cut, you keep 100%. So as you can see, it's an incentive for us to find connections for you.

    This is close to my heart as I put huge work into this. We found that you can't rely on companies to find you, we have to "sell" it to them on your behalf. Being proactive and persistent is the way forward. The program is currently active but not finalized and it's working :)

    You'll find more info on this program when the website launches soon, we appreciate your patience.

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    Thu Jan 30 00:57:34 2020
    OHLY posted in Site relaunch.

    We are close guys, we ran into the problem of keeping adding more and more, but at this point we have more than enough goodies in store. Won't be much longer then the first part to mid Feb. We've been busy gathering important networks to streamline these connects to your music for purchase.

  8. Thu Jan 30 00:54:38 2020

    Los Angeles is reeling for sure, we're in the heart of it. Tragic especially when there's children involved.

  9. Fri Sep 27 22:52:00 2019

    '@Risquee' You're good to go, it may take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

  10. Tue Aug 20 06:47:30 2019

    '@DEVIZE' Indeed, we have a lot prepped! Can't wait to see your quickpage, post up here when it's done!

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