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  1. 8 months ago
    Fri Feb 5 01:57:45 2021

    @IsaacTaylor Welcome brotha

  2. Fri Feb 5 01:57:22 2021

    If you're new it can take up to 72 hours to show up. Get more plays, that will boost it up.

  3. Mon Feb 1 19:41:03 2021
    Soundgine posted in What Updates Do You Want?.


    1. The option to remove name badge on Hydra
    2. The ability to add more social/music links such as Spotify
    3. Adding a crypto currency payment gateway

    1 & 2 pretty easy. Where do you want to add the Spotify links at?
    Crypto, we'll need to take a look at the right high secrity API

  4. Mon Feb 1 19:37:52 2021
    Soundgine posted in Any new updates in the works?.

    [quote=17746:@IsaacTaylor]@Soundgine there you are! I was getting worried for a bit lol.[/quote]

    Yeah, I know my bad.
    We're ready to work brotha!

  5. Mon Feb 1 06:11:14 2021
    Soundgine posted in Demo Mp3s Cut Short.

    Hydra Halfway playback issue fixed.

  6. Mon Feb 1 06:10:56 2021
    Soundgine started the conversation Hydra Halfway playback issue fixed..

    The issue with Hydra playback only playing half the track is fixed now. No need to clear cache should work straight away. Anybody having issues still, please post your link here.

  7. Mon Feb 1 05:18:38 2021
    Soundgine started the conversation What Updates Do You Want?.

    Hello members,

    We do apologize for being silent for a few months, we have mostly been busy on our backend infrastructure setting us up for faster and better updates in 2021. We did start developing a way for you guys to sell sound packs, drumkits, etc. But we'd like to hear what other updates you want. I've been hearing Bitcoin but any other ideas are welcomed. Not just updates but improvements even fixes to our platform.

    Thanks and here's to a great 2021.

  8. Mon Feb 1 05:09:06 2021
    Soundgine posted in My album player is offline....

    Looks good to me. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  9. Mon Feb 1 05:05:41 2021
    Soundgine started the conversation Please move from the M7 to Hydra Player.

    Hey everyone,

    Our registration numbers have jumped up substantially most likely due to Covid and people starting businesses from home. Since the start, we have given support to both the M7 and Hydra players but it's now taken a toll on our coders so we are now focusing fully on the Hydra player. Hydra has gone through a bunch of recoding recently and just don't have time to work on the M7.

    Very few people actually use the M7 so I guess I'm speaking to those people.

    By the way, the fix to play the track all the way through in Hydra will be done today.

  10. Mon Feb 1 04:56:13 2021
    Soundgine posted in Any new updates in the works?.

    Yep, there a bunch of them coming, the start of 2021 has been basically transferring everything to Amazon.

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