$3,200 So Far :)

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    Ok so I'm not sure if over $3,200 is good enough to be in the success stories but I started in Jan. Truthfully, I get most of these sales from 3 people and I know I have to do more marketing.

    It sucked at the beginning because I was using cheap sound kits, my sounds were weak and I was lucky enough to have people tell me the ugly truth. So I invested in quality sounds and that was really a wise decision. For all you not making sales, listen to your soundkits and make sure they don't sound like 8-bit samples. Id stay away from your keyboard default sounds.

    They say you have to spend money to make money. I want to reinvest back into my business. What do you guys suggest?

  2. VPower

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    $1 is a success story. To me a dollar amount does not mean success, success is how you feel about your business. If making that first $1 gets you pumped and excited about selling music, that's success.

    Marketing is key so you can ask somebody like' @ThisIsTheLegion' to help you out with that. I think he is selling some services, not 100% sure though.

    But don't be so willing to shell unnecessary money if you don't need to. The best investment is time. Time to make more music. Learn other genres. Time to strengthen your brand.

  3. I agree with' @VPower' - everyone should define success for themselves and most likely that will evolve.

    Marketing is at least half the job' @Iris'. If you want, check out a post I did recently about some of the things have helped me sell beats - http://soundgine.com/forum/index.php/813-25-000-in-sales-through-my-soundgine-store

  4. Soundgine

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    Great work' @Iris'
    Work daily.

  5. Dreamstar

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    True talk' @Iris' (o^_^o)

  6. Vinyl Richy

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    That's dope. I'd say it's definitely a success story my friend. Great work!


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